Pexip: Free Cloud Video Interop for Microsoft Teams

Free Cloud Interop for MS Teams Rooms and Surface Hub 2

Pexip: Free Cloud Video Interop for Microsoft Teams

Pexip, a company committed to simplifying complex video conferencing environments, recently announced that it will be offering Cloud Video Interop services for free for Customers of Microsoft Teams Rooms and Surface Hub 2. The new offer will be available directly from Pexip and participating partners in their network. The solution will be available for new clients signing up with Microsoft Teams Rooms and it’s also available to use with Surface Hub 2 solutions.

According to the Chief Commercial Officer at Pexip, Tom-Erik Lia, the enterprise communications market is growing more sophisticated all of the time. Pexip has realised that there is a need to simplify this environment for most enterprises. As partners of Microsoft, Pexip has seen the meeting room solutions gain great popularity over the years, and now they’re striving to find a way to make the meeting environment with Microsoft even easier to navigate. The new Pexip offering will make it simple for enterprises to use their existing tools to access Microsoft Teams meetings hosted via Microsoft Teams Rooms or the Surface Hub.

Introducing Cloud Video Interop

Tom Erik Lia

Tom-Erik Lia

The Cloud Video Interop offering from Pexip allows other third-party video conferencing solutions to join into sessions on Microsoft Teams. Enterprise users will be able to access the technology they feel most comfortable with when joining sessions. Many companies have traditional video conferencing solutions in a place like Poly and Cisco, but they’ve started to apply affordable systems like Microsoft Teams Rooms to their environment too. These video-capable meeting room environments aren’t generally compatible – but they can be with Pexip.

According to the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft 365, Christian Schacht, the company is seeing a significant opportunity for Microsoft Teams Meetings to connect people around the world and help them get work done. With the help of Cloud Video Interop partners such as Pexip, customers will now be able to combine traditional room solutions with the modern Microsoft Teams Room and Surface Hub offerings that they need.

This new solution is designed to create simple and more streamlined workflows for businesses of all sizes and backgrounds.

Making Meetings Easier

According to the founder of analyst firm, Recon Research, Ira M. Weinstein, simple and unified workflows are crucial in the modern marketplace. Offerings like the Cloud Video Interop solution from Pexip provide companies with the essential interoperability they need between communication services and systems. This means that it’s easier for anyone to adopt new technology.

Currently, Pexip is one of a group of only 3 certified Microsoft CVI providers. Pexip works closely with the Microsoft team to provide solutions that are capable of supporting the state-of-the-art collaboration offerings available from Microsoft today.


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