Slack Teases New Tools for Work Productivity

Upcoming new features for Slack

Slack Teases New Tools for Work Productivity

As the workplace becomes increasingly more diverse and complex, collaboration tool providers like Slack are working hard to keep teams connected. Designed to help today’s users overcome the common problems of the office, like overflowing inboxes and poor communication, Slack’s collaboration app is one of the most popular on the market.

Recently, the company announced that it is releasing a range of new updates to the Slack experience, intended to give people more control over their productivity experience. The host of new features will demolish the barriers between teams and help them to get more done.

What’s New from Slack?

Showcased, as part of Slack’s annual Frontiers event, the new range of tools was delivered to help today’s businesses do better work together.

Some of the things you can expect to see from Slack in the coming months, if not already, include:

  • Shared channels: Connecting teams to separate organisations in Slack from their own native workplaces, Shared Channels makes it easier to connect with vendors, agencies, customers, and more.
  • Workflow builder: For companies that need to get more done in less time, Slack is making it easier to automate simple processes in Slack, without having to learn code. The workflows activated in Slack can help with things like gathering information and automatically sending messages into channels. Workflow builder streamlines daily manual processes, saving organisations time and money. The feature is set to appear later this year, with previews available to sign up for today
  • Bring your tools into Slack: According to Slack, the team wants to create a platform that integrates with anything. This means that the company is looking for ways to build bridges between your workplace tools. For instance, Slack recently released Gmail and Microsoft outlook add-ins, so that you don’t have to leave email behind when you move towards collaboration tools. Slack can also route direct messages to a person’s inbox to make sure that they don’t miss out when they’re not online. Additionally, the company is rolling out smarter calendar integrations too. New solutions for Google Calendar and Outlook calendar help companies to remain on schedule with ease. These features are rolling out later this year

Better Search Experiences in Slack

Aside from making it easier to create and manage meetings with people from both inside and outside of your team, Slack is also helping employees to find the information they need. A recent update to the search features in Slack’s hub will make it easier for users to see unread messages and channels, and look up information, people, or documents. This feature is already in the process of being rolled out to all Slack users in the coming weeks.

According to Slack, these new upgrades will help the company to tie multiple workflows together for end users, improving the experiences that people get when they collaborate with their team members.

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