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Custom virtual backgrounds are probably the hottest new trend to emerge in the age of COVID-19 and quarantine. As more team members join meetings from home, they don’t necessarily want colleagues commenting on their messy spare room or kitchen.

The good news? You can replace that stack of unwashed pots and pans with any background you like. Virtual backgrounds from companies like Microsoft Teams and Zoom mean you can choose virtually any setting for your next conference. We’re talking everything from the throne of Emperor Palpatine, to the set of Strictly Come Dancing.

Here are some of the best places to find some epic Zoom and Teams backgrounds for free!

1.    BBC Sets


“It’s bigger on the inside…”

Wish you could be watching the latest episode of EastEnders, rather than listening to Greg from accounting? Well, you might not be able to skip the meeting, but at least you can do it in a familiar setting. The BBC archive is a great place to shop for more than 100 awesome backgrounds for your next meeting.

All you need to do is save the image to your computer, then add it to your Teams or Zoom custom background collection. The BBC is offering pictures from sets like Absolutely Fabulous, Top of the Pops, Only Fools and Horses, Doctor Who, and a bunch more. I particularly like the Multi-Coloured Swap Shop sets in the Children’s TV section.

2.    Disney Parks

Imagine hanging out at the happiest place on earth, rather than listening to your child screaming in the back of your Zoom or Teams conference. Disney Parks are offering a wide selection of gorgeous pictures from their amazing theme parks for your next meeting.

All of your favourite iconic sites are here, from Cinderella’s Castle in Orlando Florida, to the Epcot Centre AND MORE. You can even just grab a picture of the Eiffel tower with Mickey in the background.

3.    Star Wars

Want to have a bit more authority in your next meeting? Turn up as the captain of the Millennium Falcon, and you’re sure to have your team’s attention. The team have graciously selected a range of high-definition backgrounds that you can use for your meetings.

Options include asteroid fields, the death star control room, the ruins of the death star, and a bunch of other great choices. If you’re struggling with a bit of extra heat, why not try cooling yourself down with a background from Hoth?

4.    Airbnb

Imagine yourself spending a luxury weekend at one of the most incredible Airbnb getaways in the world. The team at Airbnb have collected some snaps from their most popular locations to bring you a range of background options for your conference.

Choices include the Birdbox in Norway, where you can see the misty mountains in the window behind you. You can also use the absolutely incredible view from the Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru. The only downside is that these backgrounds might get you daydreaming about a vacation.

5.    Pixar

Brighten up your next conversation with a high-definition background from one of your favorite Pixar movies. Delivered to you straight from the Disney team, these backgrounds are great for anyone who wants to add a bit more fun to their meetings.

Options include the iconic Toy Story wallpaper backdrop, a kitchen counter from Ratatouille, and some eye-catching ocean escapes from Finding Nemo. We like the images from Brave for a little bit of extra greenery.

6.    Pexels

If you’re looking for a bit more freedom with your background choices, or you just want something completely random, you can always try the free-to-use backgrounds from Pexels. There are plenty of different categories to scroll through here, including walls, HD backgrounds, nature scenes, and abstract options.

You can coat the wall behind you in floating bananas, or make it seem like you’re floating through space with a picture of the cosmos.

7.    The Office

Okay, so it’s not your office, but this is still probably one of the most appropriate backgrounds for your Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting. The official Twitter team for The Office dropped a couple of iconic scenes from the hit television show onto their feed at the beginning of April. You can download the images here.

You do only get two options, but you can at least show your appreciation of one of the world’s favourite shows without looking inappropriate.

What are your favourite free-to-use backgrounds? Share them with us on social media.

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