What is Microsoft Teams?

What you need to know about Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

Although Microsoft’s platform for collaboration and chat is coming sometime after competitors like Slack, it’s got a few unique benefits to offer users. Here, we’ll give you a quick insight into what Microsoft Teams is all about.

Introducing Microsoft Teams

Teams is simply the Microsoft solution for chat-based business communication. It allows companies to set up teams or group chat rooms for workers. Multiple chat rooms can be created within a Team that make conversations easier to follow. If users need to access face-to-face communication, they can access Skype directly with a single click.

More than just a chat solution, Teams integrates with Office 365, which means that you can use other Microsoft Office services through it, such as One Drive cloud storage, Excel, and Word. Channels on Teams can also connect with external services through connectors. There are already connections for Zendesk, GitHub, MailChimp, and more. Teams also shipped with 70 connectors and 85 bots, which can take part in conversations. From inside of Chat, every team channel can access T-bot – a robot that answers questions about Teams.

Access to internal sites, files, and dashboards is controlled by SharePoint and Office 365 Groups. Teams is designed to meet the same standards for data protection and security as Office 365, including single sign-on, two-factor authentication, and data encryption.

The Value of Microsoft Teams

The purpose behind Microsoft Teams is to offer businesses a simpler method of collaboration. The approach of communicating via groups that share files and emails through a patch of different services is complex, which is why Teams is trying to offer a solution.

Microsoft believes that the thing that makes Teams special is the integration with Office Groups and services, which makes switching between shared dashboards, editing documents, and group chats simple. Having access to all shared services at once does make life easier for the common user. Team integration through email can allow for messages to be sent to specific teams to be copied into Team conversations.

Which Team Collaboration Apps are Teams’ Competitors?

The biggest competitors for Microsoft Teams are currently Atlassian’s HipChat and Slack. Slack was released before Teams and offers a straightforward method of communication in businesses. Teams also had limitations that Slack didn’t, though changes may be made to address this concern. While Slack is available as a Freemium product, Teams requires a subscription to Office 365.

HipChat is also a Freemium offering that provides group screen-sharing, video chat, file sharing, and storage. It has a built-in support service for group chat that is accessible to up to 20 users, along with integration with Amazon Alexa.

Who is Teams For?

Microsoft Teams is available to all subscribers to the Office 365 suite. Microsoft says it’s available to most commercial customers. Teams is a cross-platform solution, with clients for macOS, Windows, iOS, & Android.

Teams is now available across 181 markets globally, in 19 languages as of the 14th of March, 2017.



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