UC Today Partners with Commsverse for Microsoft Teams Virtual Events

We’re Commsverse’s Exclusive Media Partner for 2021

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Last Edited: April 18, 2022

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UC Today, the leading publication for unified communications and collaboration news, has entered into a new agreement with Commsverse. UC Today has over 1.5 million unique visitors per year, with 500,000 actively engaging with content focused on Microsoft Teams. Now, we’re going to be working with Commsverse to be their exclusive media partner for 2021.

UC Today will be fully supporting Commsverse in the UK for 2021, and together, we’ll be hosting a series of four mini-events focusing on the hottest topics around Microsoft Teams. Commsverse will remain community focused and completely independent in this agreement, but we will be here to help promote them as they deliver incredible Teams-based content. We will be hosting the virtual events on the UC Summit platform.

Working Better in Teams

UC Today and Commsverse are now partnering on the Working Better in Teams series, which focuses on improving business knowledge and skills in Microsoft Teams environments. Each micro event will focus on a specific aspect of Teams technology or culture. There will be a series of 4-6 tailored sessions that combine to deliver exceptional insights for Teams.

Our first event is Collaborating in a Universal Workplace on February the 8th 2021. In this event, we’ll be addressing the new “normal” for the workplace, and how organisations can complete their transformation into universal workplace environments. 2020 saw a rapid uptake in technology to support this new transformation, and organisations will be working harder with employees to work effectively in a work anywhere environment.

Collaborating in a Universal Workspace

The Collaborating in a Universal Workplace event will deliver best-practice tips for Microsoft Teams, collaboration, and harmonising the various productivity tools available from Microsoft. This event will contain 6 main sessions taking attendees through the tools and services required for an effective universal workplace.

Each of the six sessions for this first event is designed to deliver a new form of support and insight for various aspects of the Microsoft landscape. We’ll have a keynote speech which introduces the event, and networking sessions where people can connect with like-minded people. The six sessions for this event include:

  • Burnout: (With Adam Ball) Insights into the impact of not managing work days and work/life balance correcting in the new workplace environment
  • Working effectively remotely: (With Stale Hansen and Steve Goodman) An examination of the productivity and wellbeing aspects in Teams and Microsoft 365, as well as how we can use them to maintain true work/life balance and perform according to deadlines
  • Making collaboration work: (With Karoliina Kettukari and Alex Eggers) Having the right technology at your fingertips is crucial. Making sure that everyone understands how to use the tools properly is crucial. In this session, you’ll earn from collaboration best practices and discover tips to support team work
  • The modern office: (With Jeff Schertz) This session covers the portable and mobile modern office, where people can work from all kinds of different environments. We’ll also cover the tools and devices available to support better collaboration in this digital landscape
  • Consultant success: (With Martina Grom, Amanda Sterner, Steve Goodman and Tom Arbuthnot) In this panel session, community panellists will come together to deliver stories on what their customers have needed most in the current landscape, and how they’ve been able to help them
  • Creating engaging and inclusive meetings: (With Karuana Gatimu) Looking at the meeting toolset in teams, will explore how organisers can create more engaging and inclusive meetings to improve the way that teams communicate. Here, you’ll get best-practice recommendations and guidance to help keep people in your meetings attentive

Making the Most of Microsoft Teams

The sessions for Collaborating in a Universal Workplace event have been carefully crafted to cover some of the most significant topics that businesses are facing in the modern marketplace. UC Today and Commsverse are working together to bring you insights and information from some of the most respectable market leaders in their field.

You’ll be able to explore sessions in a range of different formats, plus, we’ll have dedicated networking sessions available too. Our virtual networking solution will involve a single meeting space with a master of ceremonies that can help to maintain communications. There will be breakout rooms for more focused conversations between specific groups of people, and we expect each networking session to last between 30 and 60 minutes. The networking lobby will also remain open throughout the event.

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