About Konftel – The Conferencing Business that’s making the right sounds

One of the world’s largest & most popular manufacturers of audio equipment for conference comms in business

About Konftel – The Conferencing Business that’s making the right sounds

Konftel is one of the world’s largest, and most popular manufacturers of audio equipment for conference communication in business. Since the company was first established during 1988, they have focused on their mission to assist people in improving their meeting experience – regardless of distance. For Konftel, successful businesses thrive on the ability to communicate despite geographical boundaries. They believe that the correct audio conferencing solution can save time, money, and contribute to a stronger, healthier environment.

The head office for Konftel is in Sweden, and their product line focuses on a collection of conference telephones designed to permit the organisation and management of conference calls through analogue lines, using wireless links for protocols. Because they are devoted to exceptional sound quality, Konftel implement their “OmniSound” technology into each phone – created to provide smooth playback and high-definition transmissions.

Today, Konftel are one of the leading providers of conference technology in Europe, with solutions developed with the user in mind, to ensure clever design and efficient performance.

The History of Konftel

The Konftel brand is one that concentrates heavily on the value of innovation. The company builds strong relationships with its partners and customers in an attempt to consistently improve its product and service portfolio. This dedicated business M.O. first began during 1988, when a banker in Northern Sweden discovered a need for a conference call in his new offices. Though the banker tested all the systems that were currently available on the market, he felt unsatisfied with the quality of the sound. Back then, many conference calls were prone to “cuts” which meant that each participant had to wait for the other to talk before the conversation could resume.

The stilted nature of traditional conference calls meant that meetings were long-winded and frustrating. As a result, the bank manager found himself speaking to an electrical consultant, Peter Renkel, (the CEO of Konftel today). Renkel searched the market for a solution in vain, before reaching out to his friend, John-Erik Erikson, (the Acoustic Designer at Konftel today). In 1988, John-Erik and Peter decided to put their own small company together, creating sound systems in difficult sound environments. Eventually, they refined their conference telephone system design, and Renkel began receiving inquiries about his ability to create more systems. Even the telecommunication agency for the Swedish government, Televerket, showed interest.

Almost thirty years later, Konftel is now one of the leading manufacturers in Europe for conference phones – best known for their development of the patented “OmniSound” technology. OmniSound is a technological solution for providing clear and impressive full-duplex audio in any direction. The sound can be transmitted perfectly through hypersensitive microphones and 360 audio pick up. In every Konftel phone, OmniSound incorporates noise suppression, echo cancellation, and reduced noise interference to provide a sublime audio experience.

The Unique Nature of Konftel Conference Phones

Konftel were the first company on the market to develop a conference phone in the 80s. Today, they offer a versatile portfolio of conference devices that meet a range of company requirements. Konftel recognise that different companies have different requirements when it comes to conferencing solutions. As such, the company provides a selection of features to choose from, including powered by battery services, call recording solutions, built-in bridging functions, line selectors, HD audio, and more. Konftel conference phones come with a collection of connectivity and application options, as well as enhanced interoperability.

Konftel conference phones:

  • Are accessible with remote controls (only on select models)
  • Offer wireless headset connections
  • Provide call recording solutions direct to external devices or SD memory cards
  • Allow for a radius of up to 70 square metres
  • Come with 360-degree microphone coverage
  • Connect to external wireless or wired microphones
  • Allow for audio conferences in multiple channels, including PC, mobile, and analogue phone lines
  • Support a range of connectivity solutions, such as the ISDN line, USB, DECT, Bluetooth, IP Networks and more

As mentioned above, all Konftel conference phones also come with the unique OmniSound technology, which helps to eliminate distractions and provide an accurate and fluent audio experience for all users. The new 300IPx model has access to the “Unite” smartphone app for added ease-of-use.

An Award-Winning Portfolio

Konftel’s product portfolio includes:

  • UC Integration – for integration with devices and Microsoft Lyn, One-X, Skype, Jabber, and more.
  • Mobile solutions – that allow for no-border conferencing solutions
  • Wireless Solutions – for exceptional audio connectivity
  • Traditional Telephony – for integration in traditional analogue or PBX lines
  • Web and Video services – for professional conferences in audio and video
  • Cloud communication – for IP-based communication
  • SIP Solutions – for fixed or wireless integration in open-source systems

Konftel have partnered with a range of incredible companies to help them deliver a more comprehensive service portfolio. For instance, Konftel is an Alcatel Application partner, a member of the Avaya DevConnect Program, an advanced partner of Unify, and a partner of snom technology.

Over the years, Konftel have also won a range of awards for their innovative products, including the Funkschau Leserwahl 2015 bronze award, the TMC “Product of the Year” award, the Best of Open Source “Best of Show” award, and more.



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