Angekis: Insider View of Video Conferencing

Angekis talk present and future video conferencing in their portfolio and beyond

Angekis: Insider View of Video Conferencing

We know that video conferencing has provided a fundamental shift in the way enterprises do business. Rarely do we appreciate how many components formulate a video conferencing system, and more so, a video conferencing strategy.

I spoke to Alex Xi and Jason Tan at Angekis to get their view of the all-conquering video conferencing industry and see how important the hardware element of the solution is from their experience with distribution partners around the world.

With the rise of video conferencing as its own industry, how important is choosing the right hardware when it comes to getting your video strategy right?

“Choosing the right hardware is critical as it has such a large effect on the video conferencing experience.  With software, future proofing is easier, but with hardware it’s a strong consideration to be made at the point of purchase and with technology in this sector becoming more and more advanced so quickly, it’s important to consider your hardware not just for now, but for 5 years’ time”.

What do you see as key requirements when it comes to sourcing a new video conferencing solution and equipment?

“The key requirements for most clients tend to revolve around providing the best user experience that’s tailored to the video conferencing environment within the set budget. Each environment is different, which is why our solutions cover a home office VC setup all the way up to large boardrooms and even lecture theatres.

Ease of use is critical. After all, the end user often isn’t passionate about technology like we are. They just need it to work! Angekis has developed their camera range with a “set and forget” mind frame, utilising USB plug and play technology and ensuring compatibility with all major video conferencing platforms and audio solutions, ensuring the customer experience is easy and seamless.  Customers are in awe that we provide such an easy yet high quality solution that rivals brands 3 times the price”.

What are the top concerns you hear from distributors when it comes to keeping up with competition?

“Pricing & brand Image – with so many video conferencing brands out there, it’s important to look at the overall package instead of solely focusing on price. With Angekis, we offer products of great quality but at an affordable price range. In addition, we’ve been compared to the big players like Logitech, Aver etc but Angekis certainly has proved its recognition as our distributors have been extremely satisfied with the benefits we offer as a respected partner”.

How does a customer narrow down the available options in the video endpoint market?

”It usually comes down to a mix of suitability to the environment (appearance, features and integration), price and brand trust”

“We’ve carefully considered the customer needs and understand when purchasing a product that costs thousands of dollars, it’s not to just provide a 1 year warranty. We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure our customers have full peace of mind with a 3 year warranty across the entire range.

We also find customers come back to us again and again commenting on the video quality of our cameras. It’s something you must see to understand. We see video quality as a critical aspect of the user experience. We find many brands have a great camera on paper, but few deliver the goods visually”.

What truly makes Angekis stand out in the video conferencing arena?

“As mentioned before, we offer products of great quality but at an affordable price range. Although there are cheaper options out there in the market, Angekis positions outperforms on quality and after sales service which is where the real value lies when purchasing hardware for the long term.”

“We offer a 3 year warranty on all our cameras including a 1 year straight swap replacement whereby if a camera is faulty, we’ll have a brand new unit sent to the client. This is our priority and what the company embodies”

What’s the latest product you’ve introduced to your own video portfolio?

“The latest instalment we have is our Blade VS”.

(You can read the full Blade VS review here)

Angekis Blade VS

Angekis Blade VS

“The next camera we will be launching will be our Blade 4K that is due for release at the start of May”.

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Outside of your own portfolio, what do you think is next for video endpoints? Maybe something along the lines of automation, AI or machine learning?

”Auto tracking features. This is something we are looking to explore more in-depth to our camera range without the need of partnering with external software. We believe with the uprising of AI, this will be an essential feature in the video conferencing industry”.

What is coming next for Angekis?

”For many years, Angekis has been specialising in USB HD PTZ Cameras. Little by little, we have expanded and improved our range from our flagship 1080p Saber series to now 4K Ultra HD Conference Cameras. This year, we have upgraded our Blade series and successfully made a few tweaks and upgrades.

Next up, Angekis has plans to improve and upgrade our audio solutions to ensure our clients have the option to purchase a bundle kit. We are working hard behind the scenes to provide a suitable audio solution that is affordable and of good quality”.

As the video conferencing industry matures and continues to play a crucial part in digital transformation strategies, it’s clear that Angekis has an eye firmly on the outside market.

For more information on the latest Blade VS or to learn about the upcoming Blade 4K, visit the Angekis website.


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