BlueJeans Hits $100M in Annual Recurring Revenue

Achieving a SaaS leadership position

BlueJeans Hits $100M in Annual Recurring Revenue

BlueJeans, the cloud meeting platform for mobile devices, desktops, and room systems, recently announced that it had successfully reached a milestone in its performance this year. The company revealed that they now have $100 million in annual recurring revenue, as of the fiscal year ending January 31, 2019.

For years, BlueJeans has been building a powerful reputation for enterprise video collaboration. Up to two-thirds of BlueJeans’ revenue comes from its enterprise customers, and in the last year, customer adoption increased by 62% for the company’s meeting room solutions.

BlueJeans’ commitment to delivering pioneering products for customer success has placed the company at the forefront of a growing SaaS market. As trends like workplace diversity, new generations, and increasing remote employees transform the workplace, video meetings and collaboration platforms are more popular than ever. Today, BlueJeans is championing its solution as the answer to familiar workforce issues.

Increasing R&D Investment

Quentin Gallivan

Quentin Gallivan

Part of BlueJeans’ strategy to stay ahead of the competition involves increasing R&D investment year-over-year with more than a fourth of revenue invested in product innovation and development. There’s a significant difference between sustained growth and market disruption in the BlueJeans market according to CEO, Quentin Gallivan. The continued growth of the organisation means that the company is trusted by leading companies around the world. This says that the solution needs to be more than “good enough.”

Gallivan believes that the scale and reliability of the BlueJeans service is one of the reasons why people rely so heavily on BlueJeans. The collaboration company even captures customer feedback via Medallia – a leader in experience management technology. The latest data gives BlueJeans an impressive NPS score of 62. Additionally, global brands like ADP, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Intuit all rely on BlueJeans for their collaborative technology.

World-renowned research platforms for technology also rate BlueJeans as one of the top video conferencing providers in the world.

What Sets BlueJeans Apart?

According to the Chief Customer Officer of BlueJeans, Walt Weisner, the organisation doesn’t believe in “shortcuts to the top”. Instead, BlueJeans relies on a continuous loop of feedback to provide a differentiated experience in the collaborative market. BlueJeans technology is designed according to three crucial principles. It is:

  • Simple: The BlueJeans rooms, meetings, and event platform deliver immersive experiences that work from any location or device. Employees are kept engaged with a simple and accessible experience
  • Smart: Countless factors can disrupt work. BlueJeans removes complications like technical limitations and ambient noise to ensure a stronger collaborative experience. Technology like active noise reduction from Dolby manages the meeting quality in any environment
  • Trusted: A proactive and secure management console gives companies complete control over their collaborative solution. The BlueJeans experience is also compliant with SOC 2 and SOC 3 and comes with a Command Centre dashboard for meeting control

Going forward, BlueJeans looks forward to continued growth, building off the feedback and insights of their valued customers and partners.


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