BlueJeans Sales Grow as Business Meetings Evolve

Demand for enhanced meetings boosts revenue for BlueJeans

BlueJeans Sales Grow as Business Meetings Evolve

BlueJeans classify themselves as the very first cloud service designed to connect a range of peripherals into a single video meeting experience. Designed to simplify and connect the modern workplace meeting, BlueJeans uses cloud technologies to delight thousands of brands around the world, including Fortune 500 leaders.

Today, the company is celebrating a fantastic growth in demand for their services, as more businesses search for ways to boost their conferencing solutions. BlueJeans has announced a record growth in their meetings platform, thanks to a shifting market, a series of strategic partnerships, and the support of a new leadership team.

The Rise of the Business Meeting Room

Perhaps one of the most significant reasons for BlueJeans’ success, is the fact that more people are taking part in digital meetings. One recent survey commissioned by the brand found that 42% of respondents were attending more meetings now than they did previously. Additionally, they also found that the people joining meetings remotely often had a problem with poor audio quality. To solve this problem, BlueJeans launched their Dolby audio partnership and unlocked a 45% growth in bookings quarter over quarter.

By listening to the needs of their customers, and engaging in new collaborations with companies like Logitech, Facebook, Dolby, and Polycom, BlueJeans have been able to accelerate their performance in the business world. Recent partnerships include:

  • Polycom: Single-touch access to meetings helps to make the meeting experience more immersive and seamless
  • Microsoft Teams: integration with collaboration tools allows users to participate in meetings natively from their Teams environment
  • Logitech: With PTZ and fixed cameras, as well as multiple USB audio options, and HDMI input into the BlueJeans Room, customers can choose the ideal way to connect
  • Workplace by Facebook: Users can stream live video in their Workplace community
  • Dolby: The excellent sound quality offered by echo-cancellation technology and spatial audio in the meetings platform provides the ultimate experience for in-house and remote employees

Leading the Way to a Stronger Tomorrow

George Mogannam

Chief Revenue Officer, George Mogannam

According to NEA General Partner, Menlo Park,  John Sakoda, the BlueJeans platform has seen a great response by the marketplace and acts as a testament to the management team the company has put in place. After all, BlueJeans also commends their new executive team for the recent growth they’ve seen. Along with the guidance of a team of focused professionals, and a concentration on delivering exceptional customer experience (CX), BlueJeans has been able to access a new leadership position as an enterprise provider of meeting room solutions.

Going forward, BlueJeans says that they will continue to expand their footprint in the enterprise space and deliver a meetings platform that clients can trust to deliver productivity and efficiency in the business space. Chief Revenue Officer, George Mogannam, noted that by working hand-in-hand with partners, the firm believes that they can overcome the hype of the collaboration and communication space, and deliver the authentic experience that customers need.


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