Logitech Delivers Scalable Video Device Management

Easier management and insights for Video Conferencing

Logitech Delivers Scalable Video Device Management

Logitech, one of the leaders in endpoint devices for teams and individuals, recently introduced a new platform to help companies manage their video conferencing tools. Logitech Sync claims to provide a seamless and straightforward solution for cloud-based administration, control, and insights. The robust solution provides management and remote monitoring that helps business to support thousands of meeting room devices at once.

According to the General Manager and Vice President of Logitech Video Collaboration solutions, Scott Wharton, the Logitech brand has spent the last 5 years disrupting the market with easy-to-use and cost-effective conferencing cams and systems. These allow companies to deploy video devices across a range of meeting rooms. Now, the company will be applying that expertise to radically reducing the costs and complexity associated with video conference device management. Looking ahead, the Sync solution will also provide added features like workplace insights and analytics.

Making Device Management Simple

Scott Wharton

Scott Wharton

According to Logitech, the Sync solution will make their devices just as easy to manage as they are to deploy and use. The solution has been designed from the ground up as an IT-friendly, cloud-based tool, perfect for large-scale video deployments. The service minimises site visits and trouble tickets, all from a simple interface managed through a web browser.

The unique approach that Logitech takes to remote monitoring and management will simplify things like firmware updates, while forward-looking architecture solutions establish a more robust foundation for new insights too. The Logitech Sync solution will automatically highlight issues in real-time that require ongoing attention and provides in-depth diagnostic information that will allow customers to resolve problems quickly before a meeting is damaged.

Sync’s modern design helps IT, managers, to push security patches and product upgrades to all of the meeting room spaces in three clicks or less. Customers will be able to simply select their devices and choose an action to make the most of sync.

Easy to Access and Use

As well as providing users with a simple and accessible interface, Sync will also be offering APIs, so that companies can build the features into their existing processes. Systems integrators, video cloud vendors, and other solutions from extensive enterprise management tools can be enhanced with all the features of the Logitech tool management solution.

The Logitech technology, combined with a range of partner solutions gives facility managers, IT pros, and other companies the option to benefit from a variety of cross-platform solutions to help them manage, monitor, and analyse devices or meeting rooms. Logitech’s Sync solutions, with its core management and monitoring capabilities, will be available from now in a private beta. The solutions are provided for no additional cost to users.

For general availability, Logitech is planning to release Sync in early 2020.

Customers who want to apply for the private beta beforehand can complete a form here.


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