Out Loud: IBM and Zoom Team up for Watson Workspace

We speak to Zoom and IBM about their partnership using Zoom video as a component of Watson Workspace

Out Loud: IBM and Zoom Team up for Watson Workspace

Patrick is joined by Dave Berman President of Video Communications at Zoom and Ann-Marie Darrough Diretcor of Product Management at IBM to discuss their collaboration in the Watson Workspace.

The panel first discuss how the partnership came about and the reason behind IBM‘s selection of Zoom video as the primary communication tool within the new platform.

Dave and Ann-Marie discuss the Zoom features that will enhance the proposition and how collaboration like this, and use of emerging technologies can really enhance user experiences.

Lastly we find out how solutions such as Watson Workspace can transform the opportunities for teams to work together improving remote work capability.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson is joined by Dave Berman from Zoom and Ann-Marie Darrough from IBM.

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