Poly G7500 Provides All-in-One Conferencing Solution

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4K video and content sharing from Poly

Poly G7500 Provides All-in-One Conferencing Solution

Poly, the leading communications company created from the combination of Plantronics and Polycom, announced some exciting things at InfoComm recently. The Global UC brand introduced the world to its Poly G7500 solution – a video conferencing device that combines 4K video conferencing and content collaboration into a single device.

The new tool integrates state-of-the-art audio features with wireless content sharing and 4k video to provide an immersive experience in mid-to-large meeting rooms. According to the Senior Director of Global Solutions Marketing, Chris Thorson, the G7500 is a response to the face that people are spending more time in meeting rooms today, collaborating in new and innovative ways. As the demand for advanced video conferencing continues to rise, Poly wants to provide customers with meetings that feel as though coworkers are face-to-face.

The Poly G7500 was created with a focus on clarity, simplicity, and opportunity. With it, the company hopes that employees can keep their focus on their meetings, while their technology works seamlessly in the background.

4K Content and Collaboration

The new G7500 device from Poly is built on 4K content and collaboration, complete with a customisable UI for non-touch and touch displays. There are even guest networking and secure network capabilities for all devices. Poly’s latest offering also includes a feature called “infinite whiteboarding.” This allows user to write over content, and use their screen as a whiteboard space, with capture options for later use. Combining content and conferencing into a single solution will empower attendees in a meeting room to more engaged and productive.

Poly also claims that the G7500 will help teams to share ideas more clearly with detailed audio and in-depth visuals. The device is intended to help users feel like they’re working together in the same room – even when collaborating with remote workers. The Ultra HD 4K camera provides four times the standard quality in video calls – dramatically improving the conferencing environment for companies from a range of backgrounds.

The new product also comes packed with Poly-exclusive innovations like the Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock to ensure that employees are exposed to as few distractions as possible in their meetings. What’s more, with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, anyone will be able to start using the G7500 in seconds.

Next-Level Conferencing from Poly

Chris Thorson

Chris Thorson

With support for industry standards, Poly’s new device can connect with any cloud-based ecosystem, including those from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and GoToMeeting. Connections are supported via Polycom’s RealConnect solution.

According to Industry Director of Frost & Sullivan, Roopam Jain, the global video conferencing market is growing at an incredible rate – set to reach a value of $13.42 billion by 2023. As enterprises around the world invest in video conferencing tools that can improve their productivity and collaboration, Poly’s new offering is sure to stand out. Bringing expertise in video, audio, and content collaboration into the industry gives Poly a competitive offering.

The G7500 is a next-generation solution from Poly, intended to provide content-driven, and compelling video experiences for the modern-day work environment. The full suite of new solutions includes Poly Studio, the Poly G7500, the EagleEye Cube, and the Microsoft Teams integration for Poly Trio.


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