Revolabs FLX UC 1500 Conferencing Tool Review

Read our review of the Revolabs FLX UC 1500 conferencing device

Revolabs FLX UC 1500 Conferencing Tool Review

As a member of the globally recognised Yamaha group and a premier provider of audio solutions for a number of different business types within a number of different markets, Revolabs sound like the kind of brand business owners can really rely on to deliver impeccable results…but how effective are their audio conferencing tools?

In order to find out, this review shall focus on one of the brands most popular products, the Revolabs FLX UC 1500, giving an impartial review of the pros and cons the product has to offer, informing you of what the product is capable of, what types of businesses it is most suited to and what makes it different from other products available on the market.

However, it is important to note that we are not selling this product, we are simply giving our professional opinion on how useful the product may or may not be to your business and we encourage you to do the same by contributing to our comments and review section located at the bottom of this page

Look and feel – how would this phone look in your meeting room?

One of the things we found most interesting about the design of the Revolabs FLX UC 1500 is the unique, all-encompassing speaker and microphone system that operates in surround sound to ensure every inch of the meeting room is covered during a call. At first glance it, the FLX UC 1500 kind of looks a little like a home cinema surround sound system and is evidently built to deliver the kind of high quality audio that its parent company YAMAHA is known for across the globe. As well as this, the dial pad, though visually impressive, is simplistic in design thus allowing users to easily navigate through features during calls for a much more streamlined and efficient conference calling experience.

What can it do?

As a conference calling solution built to satisfy the needs of large corporations with a higher number of employees, the Revolabs FLX UC 1500 uses a powerful, cutting-edge surround sound speaker audio system that is capable of filling a conference room containing up to 18 people. This way, there can be no doubt that everyone involved in the meeting is fully aware of what is being discussed and there is no chance that any information will be lost.

To compliment this, the Revolabs FLX UC 1500 also offers complete room microphone coverage to ensure that each individual speaker can be heard clearly by the listener and no confusion is ever caused as a result of audio cross contamination. Similarly, the phone also feature state of the art echo cancellation to ensure all audio is clear from unwanted distractions and feedback/distortion is completely removed from the conversation for ultimate clarity.

Another exciting feature available on the Revolabs FLX UC 1500 is the intuitive dialler with full graphics display. This way, users can quickly dial numbers and access the many calling features such as On-Hook, Off-Hook, Volume, Mute, Redial as well as numerous soft keys for greater efficiency and unquestionable simplicity during every conference call.

Also, from an administrative perspective, the FLX UC 1500 is a highly flexible solution that offers fully integrated SIP technology that works in almost all major telephony environments and supports all market-leading IP PBXs. By doing this, this next-generation conference phone can drastically reduce lengthy installation times/costs and therefore minimises disruption in productivity as well as freeing up much more capital which can be invested in other, more important areas of the business.

Finally, by easily integrating with a business’s 3rd party PC applications, the Revolabs FLX UC 1500 is can easily bridge VoIP calls and/or calls made through 3rd party softphone applications thus giving users the freedom to communicate using the most suitable medium for collaboration.

What are our favourite bits?

Though this conference phone has many admirable qualities, we were particularly impressed with the highly advanced, surround-sound speaker system that ensures conference calling audio is not drowned out in the vast open space of large corporate meeting rooms. By accommodating for the needs of up to 18 users, the FLX UC 1500 is evidently a machine that is built to cater for large group meetings and it is clear much thought has been put into designing a tool that can perform well in this kind of large-scale conferencing environment.

Who would benefit most from this phone app?

As we have already mentioned, the FLX UC 1500 is a conference calling solution built specifically for large scale conference calling session and therefore would be most suited to larger businesses that require a solution that can perform well on this scale. With this in mind, we suggest that smaller companies that require say a 5-10 person capacity during conference calls look elsewhere for options more suitable for their needs.

What do we think?

For larger companies looking for a solution that promises to deliver impeccable audio quality for a large group of people during conference call meetings, the Revolabs FLX UC 1500 is a more than worthy investment and will bring countless benefits to any company that chooses to use it. Having said that, to reiterate our previous point, any smaller companies considering purchasing this product would do well to look for a more adequate solution.

Nevertheless, pleased as we are with this application, if you feel differently and would like to voice your own personal opinion or share any experiences you’ve had with others, please feel free to submit your comments/reviews to the section located at the bottom of this page.

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