Theta Lake Announces Partnership with Zoom

Theta Lake for Zoom

Theta Lake Announces Partnership with Zoom

Leader in artificial intelligence solutions for security and privacy compliance, Theta Lake, recently announced a new collaboration with Zoom. The forward-thinking cloud collaboration platform, Zoom, supports companies in accessing immersive experiences inside and outside the workplace through simple and feature-rich video. The new partnership will create the “Theta Lake for Zoom” service on the Zoom application marketplace.

With Theta Lake for Zoom, businesses will be able to seamlessly archive Zoom video, audio, and chat conversations to comply with long-term retention requirements. Additionally, users will also be able to access purpose-built machine learning, and artificial intelligence to detect compliance issues and speed up workflow for written, shared, spoken, and shown content in Zoom.

What to Expect from Theta Lake for Zoom

As customers and companies alike continue to face increasing concerns regarding security and privacy, AI-based compliance and archiving have grown progressively more popular. Businesses worried about remaining compliant while embracing the latest video solutions will be able to unlock peace of mind with Theta Lake.

Currently, MiFID II and Dodd-Frank regulations expand the requirements for communication recording compliance. Increasingly, various forms of legislation are encouraging brands to pay closer attention to their communication strategy, whether they rely on audio, video or instant messaging. Even GDPR, with its focus on accountability, means that organisations need more insight into the data within their communications.

Theta Lake for Zoom provides archiving integrations, and compliance solutions for chat, video, and audio content. Its technology uses everything from deep learning to AI to seamlessly detect compliance risks in all forms of content sent via Zoom. What’s more, the AI solution from Theta Lake also powers automation and workflow insights to add greater efficiency, and consistency, while reducing costs.

Theta Lake

Theta Lake

Benefits of Theta Lake for Zoom

Theta Lake for Zoom serves companies that need to prioritise surveillance and recording for their meetings. According to Theta Lake, simple transcription with search tools may not be accurate enough for the modern privacy and compliance landscape. Many basic tools don’t cover the visual content offered via video and take too much time and investment to utilise.

Alternatively, the Theta Lake for Zoom strategy with compliance archive delivers everything from automated risk detection, designed with over 30 in-built polices and NLP deep learning guidelines, to automated risk prioritisation. If Theta Lake’s intelligent solution spots a potential issue in your compliance, it will ensure that you’re focusing your efforts on the most significant risks.


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