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Video Window Gets Portrait Mode

The latest always-on conferencing portal feature

Video Window Gets Portrait Mode

Global conferencing and collaboration developer, Collaboration Squared, announced the launch of their “Video Window” service, earlier this year. Video Window is an immersive always-on conferencing portal for teams in search of improved human connections.

The goal of Video Window is to eliminate the physical boundaries in conferencing experiences, to make people feel as though they’re looking through a window to the place they’re connecting to. According to Daryl Hutchings, the CEO of Collaboration Squared, the company believes strongly in the development of human connections. Through high-quality collaboration technology, the brand wants to help teams and individuals feel closer and more emotionally connected.

Daryl Hutchings

Daryl Hutchings

When they built Video Window, Collaboration Squared committed to creating something beyond the traditional conferencing experience. The solution is intended to dramatically simplify the ways that teams communicate across offices.

Customers have enjoyed how personal Video Window feels and how it helps to form relationships with their colleagues.  And now Portrait Mode has been released.

Portrait Mode makes personal interactions more immersive and even more like the other person is standing right there with you. According to Collaboration Squared, Portrait Mode for Video Window is especially useful for socialising in shared lounge, canteen, and kitchen areas. It’s also ideal for team working areas, particularly if wall space is at a premium.

What to Expect from the Enhanced Video Window

Featuring patent-pending technology, Collaboration Squared has developed Video Window to ensure that devices remain connected to their assigned groups for specific hours in the day (set by an administrator). If an internet connection is lost, devices will automatically reconnect.

The main focus of the tool is simplicity. There are no URLs or scheduling issues to worry about, no app downloads, and no user logins. All you need to do is press the button to join the audio conference and access instant communication. Features include:

  • Knock to site: If the other side of the conversation is muted, you can tap on the screen to make a knocking noise on the other side and get the other person’s attention
  • Opt-in audio: To maintain privacy, the audio for each location will be turned off automatically. This means that the only time someone can be seen and heard is when someone physically presses the “join” button for audio
  • Overnight sleep mode: To reduce power and bandwidth consumption, there’s an overnight sleep mode that can be configured by the administrator
  • Each device comes with a privacy timer that turns off all the video/audio in various directions for a set time. Once the time is up, you’ll reconnect automatically
  • Whiteboarding: Any device in the group can initiate a digital whiteboarding experience and collaborate on the canvas with other devices. The whiteboard is also semi-transparent so you can still see your colleagues
  • Privacy features: Users can set privacy timers that turn off all AV connections in each direction for a set period of time. Connections happen automatically when the time is up
  • Join external meetings: You can also use external meeting services from the device via a SIP video dialler. This makes it easy to connect to rooms from Cisco Webex, Pexip, Zoom, BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams, and many others

Changing the Way that People Collaborate

According to collaboration industry analyst, David Maldow, Video Window offers a natural workflow that today’s customers have been looking for in the business landscape for decades. The solution eliminates the issue in helping users to adopt the latest video technology for the connection of remote teams. With the new tool, teams can simply feel as though they’re working together in two sides of the same room.

The final words go to CEO, Daryl Hutchings:

“It blows me away the reaction people have the first time they see Video Window. People love the feeling of personal connection it gives them and Portrait Mode is a natural extension of this, it’s our most immersive experience yet”




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