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Collaboration Squared Launches Video Window

The world's first always-on conferencing portal

Collaboration Squared Launches Video Window

Collaboration Squared, a global collaboration and conferencing service provider and developer recently announced the arrival of Video Window. This is the world’s first always-on portal for video conferencing, intended to improve team performance.

With two or more Video Window devices installed in an office, companies can achieve 24-hour connectivity and remove the physical boundaries of the workplace. According to CEO of Collaboration Squared, Daryl Hutchings, the business is committed to supporting human connections. They believe that the best quality collaboration technology can bring teams together for crucial conversations, which is why the group decided to build Video Window.

More than just a traditional conferencing service, this product is intended to simplify how teams in multiple offices communicate. The service will make workers feel like they’re in the same office, regardless of their location.

Simple Video Conferencing

The patent-pending technology from Collaboration Squared keeps devices permanently connected to their assign groups for certain periods of the day. The devices automatically reconnect when connections are lost, and there are no app downloads or scheduling required.

Features include:

  • Knock to far site: If you’re unmuted, but your team-member isn’t, you can simply tap on the screen to make a tapping noise to the other side to get their attention
  • Opt-in audio: In an age where employee privacy is increasingly essential, audio remains off at both locations by default. This means that people can only be heard when they’ve pressed the “join audio” button. If someone forgets to turn audio off, it will default back to being off after a timer expires
  • Privacy mode: Users can manually set up a privacy timer that turns off audio and video in the site at a specific time
  • Overnight sleep mode: When people aren’t in the office, the system shuts down to save on bandwidth and power. The device can then automatically turn itself back on at set times
  • Whiteboard: Any device in the group can initiate a digital whiteboard setting and collaborate on the canvas with active devices. The whiteboard is semi-transparent so you can still see your co-workers
  • External meetings: When you need to join a video conferencing meeting from the device, there’s a SIP video dialer installed within Video Window. This allows you to leave window mode and connect to your preferred meeting service, including Microsoft Teams, Cisco Meeting Server, BlueJeans, Zoom, Pexip and more

Discover Video Window Today

According to collaboration industry analyst, David Maldow, Video Window provides companies with access to an impressive natural workflow experience. The solution helps to eliminate the issue of encouraging users to adopt video technology to keep remote teams connected. People connect automatically and work as though they were in the same office.

Collaboration Squared is currently offering beta trials of Video Window, with the full product scheduled for release in June around the world.


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