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VidyoConnect Review: Making Every Connection Count

Exploring the benefits of VidyoConnect

VidyoConnect Review: Making Every Connection Count

Vidyo, a company dedicated to keeping the world “visually” connected through scalable, interactive and high-quality video communications, offer their own state-of-the-art desktop video conferencing services for meetings and group collaboration. “VidyoConnect” builds on the brand’s commitment to supporting stronger workflows through high-resolution video experiences, reliable infrastructure, and easy-to-use mobility.

VidyoConnect is a modern meeting solution intended to accelerate global alignment in the enterprise, during a time when companies are becoming more dispersed than ever. With VidyoConnect to help you build stronger relationships within your internal team, your company can respond quickly to problems, make informed decisions faster, and develop better engagement too.

Who Is VidyoConnect For?

Designed and implemented in the cloud, VidyoConnect is a collaboration and communication product designed for agile companies. According to Vidyo, the solution was designed to support a number of use cases, including the drive to create a more “connected” mobile workforce. As remote and flexible working grow more popular, VidyoConnect is a way to keep people on-the-go connected to what matters – and it’s simple enough for anyone to use.

The unified UX offers a familiar and convenient experience on any device, from mobile to desktop. Additionally, there’s no need for any downloads or installations. If you’re meeting with clients and vendors, external participants can simply hop into the meeting through their browser – no fuss necessary.

What Features Do You Get with VidyoConnect?

VidyoConnect is a video conferencing service delivered through the cloud for faster ROI and convenient deployment. The robust selection of cloud services offered by Vidyo help companies to tap into the benefits of video conferencing, without the stress of managing a new network. Features include:

  • Simple and effective group video conferencing, with high-performance group setups for boardrooms, huddle rooms, and more
  • Calendar integration and single-tap meeting access with support for Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange
  • User-friendly options for conference room control, including integration with automation systems like Crestron and AMX
  • Affordable configuration with off-the-shelf displays, professional audio services, and PTZ cameras
  • High-quality endpoint support for 4K displays and crystal-clear video
  • Maximum uptime and continuously optimised video
  • Patented routing technology through VidyoCloud for temporal and spatial scalability
  • All-inclusive subscriptions with OpEX cost predictability for simple budget management
  • Integration with Slack, Skype for Business and Atlassian HipChat (now part of Slack)

VidyoConnect Pricing Packages

VidyoConnect comes with a selection of transparent pricing packages to choose from, intended to suit any work environment. Options include:

  • The “Team” package for between 5 and 50 users: Hosts up to 100 participants, offers HD video apps for mobile and desktop, and a try before you buy 60-day trial. $19.99 per user per month
  • The “Enterprise” package for between 50, and 10,000 users: Includes everything in the Team plan but hosts up to 200 participants and provides enterprise user account management with support for Active Directory, SAML, and LAPD. $18.99 per user per month
  • The “Healthcare” edition package for between 51 and 10,000 users: Includes everything in the enterprise plan, but comes with a HIPAA compliant Business Associate agreement, digital stethoscope audio channel, and integrations with HER systems

What We Love about VidyoConnect

As an enterprise leader in video collaboration, Vidyo provides simple and effective solutions for companies in search of better communication and collaboration. Their highly accessible VidyoConnect service is a fantastic way for companies to make the most of all-inclusive video collaboration, at any level. Our favourite features include:

  • Ease of Use: Adoption is critical to any new application integration, and VidyoConnect makes it easy to onboard new users with a completely unified UX offering the same experience across conference room endpoints, desktop, and;
  • High-performance collaboration: As the world of work becomes more complex, companies of all shapes and sizes are beginning to see the benefits involved with investing in enterprise-quality tools for collaboration. VidyoConnect comes with flexible layouts and more to make it easier to share and work together on content
  • Easy organisation for chats and meetings: VidyoConnect ensures that any member of your team will have no problem creating a virtual room based on the projects, teams, and topics they want to cover. With virtual meeting spaces, you can schedule conferences, host ad-hoc meetings, or even get together for quick chats in an instant. All you need to do is select a room in your favourites section, or search through your system and hit “Join.”
  • Exceptional quality: VidyoConnect comes with the opportunity for companies to leverage both 4K and 5K displays for their video meetings so that you can enjoy incredible multi-party meetings that are anywhere up to 16x clearer and more immersive than the average 720p display. You can also invite around 200 participants to your meeting at once and see around 16 people at the same time on your screen
  • Easy file sharing: All you need to do to share content with another meeting participant is select the content you want to send from your visual selection of thumbnail images. You don’t have to worry about accidentally sending the wrong document in your meeting
  • Calendar integration: We all have nightmares about being late for an important meeting. Fortunately, if you’re a Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook user, then you can see a full list of your set meetings in your VidyoConnect app. Reminders can keep you up-to-date, then when you’re ready to join, your meeting is just a click away

Finishing Thoughts on VidyoConnect

If you’re looking for easy-to-access video meetings available in exceptional quality, then you really can’t go wrong with VidyoConnect. As one of the simplest ways to integrate video meeting capabilities into your communication stack, the no-download service offered by Vidyo ensures that you can stay connected to people inside and outside of your company with ease.

Additionally, Vidyo offers a range of free trial options and transition programs, to help you make the move smoothly towards a cloud-based video conferencing application. There’s even a Vidyo training interface available.



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