Vonage Introduces Native Video Collaboration Solution

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New native video for Vonage Business Cloud

Vonage Introduces Native Video Collaboration Solution

Experts in redefining business cloud communications, Vonage, recently announced the arrival of the new Vonage Meetings solution, which brings video collaboration capabilities to the Vonage Business Cloud environment. The Vonage Campus offering, which was announced at the developer and user conference for the company, Vonage Meetings is the latest in a series of innovations to VBC, enhancing the UC offering of the company.

Vonage is the only company in the cloud comms market today that is capable of offering a truly unified experience for end-to-end communication via the entire cloud stack. For all VBC customers, Vonage Meetings offers the opportunity to maintain conversations anywhere and everywhere. As part of the VBC experience, Meetings from Vonage access Vonage APIs and deliver collaboration via SMS, voice, social, team messaging, video and email within the same interface.

Using Vonage Meetings, Vonage hopes to provide businesses with the tools they need to have conversations in productive and familiar environments. Vonage Meetings empowers companies to increase collaboration and productivity options among employees, with cross-company meetings through video conferencing.

Discovering the Benefits of Vonage Vision

Ron Maayan

Ron Maayan

According to Ron Maayan, the VP for Product Management at Vonage, the company is continuing to innovate and grow with its “One Vonage” vision, building out the functionalities that the Vonage Business Cloud can offer to keep people connected in more places through the channels that they love. Vonage Meetings offers an integrated user experience with a richer set of communication APIs that create next-gen solutions for customers, helping them to create exceptional customer and employee experiences via messaging, voice and video.

There are various ways for businesses to leverage the benefits of Vonage Meetings, including enhanced internal collaboration and customer engagement, using the platform for online recruiting and video training, and providing access to guest mode and screen sharing. VBC customers searching for ways to enhance their recruiting strategy can also benefit from the Vonage Meetings environment, interviewing potential employees, and shortening the recruiting timeline with handy video meetings. Candidates can even use the platform for no additional cost.

Vonage Meetings strengthen the Unified Communication and API platform offered by Vonage Business Communications. According to the Principal Analyst for TalkingPointz, Dave Michels, Vonage Meetings provides VBC customers with access to a rich and immersive conference experience, complete with a single application for meetings, voice, and messaging. The WebRTC standard that the video is built on is reliable, tested, and browser-friendly too. Features of the offering includes:

  • Carrier-grade quality with complete platform integration
  • Meetings history with visibility into past meetings (links shared, chat, and attendees)
  • VBC to enable collaboration across every channel (SMS, video, voice, email, messaging, and social)
  • Intuitive VBC interface with access to screen sharing, chat, and meeting recordings
  • Guest option available to allow external people to join the conversation without downloading any software
  • Fully integrated for easier access: Arrange groups from VBC, Google Calendar, and more with a single click

Exciting New Video Meeting Opportunities

According to Stephen Rosen, the CTO of Tambourine, a company offering a fully-managed service program for maximum traffic and conversions for resorts, Vonage Meetings is very impressive. The system is intuitive, easy to use, and much more compelling than some of the other options that he has tried before.

Michael Shonholz, the Chief Revenue Officer at ARG, the company that helps businesses to make better choices for their support and IT solutions in communications, says that clients often have a hard time keeping up with the IT market. ARG is constantly searching for ways to leverage the best tech for their clients, and VBC unifies the meeting, calling, and messaging experience for everyone. Being able to quickly escalate from voice to SMS and video collaboration can reduce client problem times significantly.

With so many companies already impressed by the video offerings provided by Vonage, the company is excited to continue rolling out it’s newly enhanced business communications solution to more brands. This complete all-in-one environment for every kind of business communication will help companies of all sizes to strengthen their communication strategy by giving users access to the support that they need in a single and unified environment.




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