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Watch a Demo of the Nureva HDL300 and Span Workspace Solutions

Watch this video demonstration of some of the latest conferencing solutions available from Nureva

UC Today attended Enterprise Connect 2019, potentially the biggest unified communications and collaboration event on the planet, to bring you interviews with all the industry’s biggest names.

Presenter Patrick is joined first by James Rempel, Director Product Management, Nureva Inc and then by Adrian Doughty, Director, North American Sales, Nureva Inc.

Firstly James talks Patrick through their HDL300 audio conferencing system. James explains some of the unique features that will make the HDL300 incredibly effective for meeting environments. Microphone ‘misting technology’ effectively creates hundreds of virtual microphones throughout any given space, optimising the quality of audio pickup aiming to drastically improve the quality of meetings.

Patrick then speaks to Adrian about their Span Workspace solution. Adrian explains that Nureva have enhanced the traditional use of whiteboards and sticky notes and brought the solution, with a digital format, into the 21st century. The simplicity of the concept is crucial for users to easily adopt and leverage the technology.

Finally Patrick is back with James to look at the Active Zone Control feature of their HDL300 systems. This technology allows you to actively map focus areas for audio pickup optimisation. James explains that huddle spaces within larger rooms could benefit hugely from such a solution.

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Presenter Patrick Watson with James Rempel and Adrian Doughty from Nureva.

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