White-label Solutions for Video Collaboration

Maya Middlemiss

PGi and HCL partner to support the underserved SME market

White-label Solutions for Video Collaboration

While Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco carve up the enterprise market between them there are millions of small and medium-sized businesses who are in need of professional-grade video conferencing and collaboration tools. The new partnership between PGi’s GlobalMeet Collaboration solution and HCL Technologies Ltd will extend the platform’s offering to new markets and carriers, in a powerful win-win scenario, which fills a genuine gap in existing provision.

Non-compete assurance

Terry Lyons

Terry Lyons

As Terry Lyons SVP, Collaboration at PGi, explained, the white-label approach suits their developers approach — to build one robust and effective solution, then re-skin as often as needed, creating a completely unique look and feel for each client. PGi remain 100% focused on new carrier opportunities and additional licences, avoiding competing with their channel partners for market share and direct clients. This is a very attractive proposition for resellers, who don’t have to worry about their provider’s sales department treading on their toes, and can bring the GlobalMeet product to their clients as a proprietary service:

“When all the carriers and service providers and cable operators are pitching the exact same product competitively and eating each other’s lunch, we’re offering exclusivity and a non-compete agreement.”

“We won’t be selling directly to their clients, instead, we’re offering a private-label solution they can market confidently and specifically to their own customer base”

Unique look and feel

By creating a truly bespoke white-label solution additionally with private domains, and completely customisable around the client’s own branding, with unique look and feel, GlobalMeet proves that smaller more flexible platforms can offer functionality that larger services often cannot. They’re not competing with the likes of Zoom or Skype to become the verb, the destination that users go to — instead, they’re creating functionality which blends seamlessly into the familiar digital environment, which has become the workspace we go to on a daily basis.

For carriers too, 2020 has changed everything, and every customer of theirs is now a potential upsell for collaboration and meeting technology. HCL’s investment in GlobalMeet will help them offer additional value to their existing customers, and create attractive new packages for growth, as the partnership funds additional research and development, including technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with customer success and support functions to its virtual meeting platform.

The perfect partnership

“HCL have relationships across the globe,” Lyons explained,

“They can open doors for new carriers, while also investing in the development of new features and supporting that. We bring the product and sales functions, to offer carrier-grade video and meeting capabilities for all their clients — because everyone needs to have a UC offering now, whatever communications solution they’re selling”

Indeed today video capability is table stakes, and with more and more businesses of all sizes moving to sustainable long-term remote-first operations, they’re looking for providers to offer comprehensive packages with streamlined billing and administration.

HCL’s rich history of innovation, spanning countless industries and 50 countries combined with PGi’s 30-year established expertise means that these partners don’t have to invest the time to develop in-house solutions to meet this accelerating demand, and can go straight to market with a completely customisable solution, ready to deploy straight away and keep the world collaborating in the new normality.


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