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x.ai Review – Bringing Persona-based Meetings & Schedules Management to the Workplace

Why it's a market leader, an act of innovation, and truly great fun to use

x.ai Review – Bringing Persona-based Meetings & Schedules Management to the Workplace

Introducing x.ai

x.ai is a persona-driven scheduling virtual assistant, with a focus on robust artificial intelligence, connectivity, and workplace efficiency.

x.ai offers two ‘agents’ – Amy and Andrew, who exist through their emails. Whenever, a user intends to connect with/meet with someone, he/she can cc Amy or Andrew, who will then take charge of the scheduling. If an in-person meeting is necessary, Amy or Andrew will suggest possible meeting places, as well as timelines. Meanwhile even as they list out possibilities, they will garner preferences, and will add to their knowledge banks. Calendar invites will also be sent, and all data will be widely available.

What’s interesting is that x.ai is billed at a highly competitive price-point: as low as $8 a month. Further, Amy and Andrew are known for scheduling expertise, with an ability to check on transcripts that control both. The UI for the site is minimalistic and clean, and the set-up is disarmingly simple.

The on-boarding also real and smartly placed, with the product suggesting that at least 12 meetings are needed, before one truly understands how to best and most effectively use Amy and Andrew.

There are also training docs, user guides, and other material to simplify usage and make functionality, as streamlined as possible.


Inside x.ai

Here is a detailed look at all its features:

Acquires understanding of intricate and in-depth features, with the ability to learn new ideas over time

The bot gathers preferences in types of meetings, the density and place accounts from calendar histories, and from people interactions. It also understands people dynamics, exceptions and outliers, with travel times, and participant preferences also mapped and assessed.

Near-human interactivity for a smooth and organic experience

Once the bot is cc-ed, it will work in tandem with other parties via natural language, and not just set up the meeting, but also work on organising the most preferred timelines, types of meetings, and location sets.

Zero software download requirements

x.ai requires no software downloads at all’ what’s required is that one offers access to the calendar, and cc-es the bot when setting up a meeting.

No need for any preference settings

The bot will learn one’s preferences over a period of time, as mentioned – and will arrive at an educated estimation of meetings types, densities, places, and key individuals with maximum interaction; further, one can also directly send instructions into the bot.

Opinions – why x.ai is the undisputed leader

There’s no questioning its all-round acceptability. x.ai has been in the works since 2013, and its continuously upping the ante – adding a Slack integration early this year and even adding a specialised ‘enterprise’ edition, @ $24 per month per seat – meaning you can keep adding users, but will be billed only if x.ai is actually used. There are also ‘indiviudal ($8 per month ) and ‘team’ ($12 per seat per month) options, too.

This one’s a winner, right from the start. With its persona-based features, wide array of capabilities

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