Zoom Launches New Zoom Home Solution

A new service for anywhere workers

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Zoom Launches New Zoom Home Solution

Zoom is one of the world’s most popular tools for video conferencing. The company has seen astronomical growth in recent years, culminating in massive adoption rates during 2020.

As the demand for remote and virtual work increases, Zoom is at the forefront of the WFH movement. Despite a few initial hurdles with security and privacy, Zoom continues to offer easy-to-use video to businesses of all sizes. Today, the company is taking their remote working solution to the next level, with Zoom for Home.

Zoom for Home is a brand new collection of hardware and software solutions designed for remote work. Created in response to the unique challenges that today’s business leaders are facing, Zoom for Home brings productivity into any office setup.

According to Zoom, “Zoom for Home is a new category dedicated to remote workers. In a time where employers are grappling with what the new normal of work will look like, Zoom for Home elevates employee experiences to connect remotely and be productive.”

Empowering the Future of Work

Studies indicate that the future of work will be a hybrid workplace that combines virtual and in-person experiences.

One study by IBM reveals over 75% of respondents would prefer to continue working remotely after COVID-19 part-time. 54% of respondents want remote working to be their new way of life. Further research from Morning Consult also shows that around half of adults working remote believe virtual meetings to be just as valuable as in-person conversations.

The new Zoom for Home solution will contribute to these evolving workplaces. The first hardware device for the homeworker will be the Zoom for Home DTEN ME. This all-in-one personal collaboration device will include everything the modern employee needs. With a Zoom Meeting license, users can log into one-touch HD video meetings and phone calls instantly.

The DTEN ME device comes with interactive whiteboarding, co-annotation, and content sharing. The 27-inch touchscreen also includes 3 smart cameras and an 8 microphone array. There’s also an ultra-responsive  monitor for quicker collaboration.

Zoom told us:  “Zoom Phone will be compatible with Zoom for Home software and devices. Users will be able to start and schedule ad-hoc meetings, take and receive phone calls, and virtually collaborate with content sharing and annotation.”

Creating the Perfect Home Office

Zoom for Home DTEN ME offers out-of-the-box functionality. With just one click, you can create a productive, immersive workspace, with excellent accessibility. Zoom for Home promises:

  • Enhanced experiences: Create immersive meeting experiences without additional licenses. All you need is a Zoom compatible device, and any Zoom license (including Basic)
  • Always ready performance: Start scheduled or ad-hoc meetings instantly. You can also take and receive phone calls and collaborate with annotation and content sharing
  • Personalisation: Customise your meetings to suit you. Your Zoom system will sync with your calendar status, business phone, and meeting settings
  • Flexible management: Business leaders and IT teams can manage Zoom for Home devices remotely through an admin portal. Or the end-user can manage the system themselves
  • Purpose built design: The Zoom for Home solutions are perfect for a home office set-up, with an accessible price point
Eric Yuan

Eric Yuan

Zoom CEO, Eric Yuan, said that the Zoom for Home collection responds to the clear need for a new category of products dedicated to work anywhere employees. The Zoom team believes that working outside of the box to deliver the tools people need is essential. Eric Yuan said that the innovation of the Zoom team is why Zoom is the best UC platform for all kinds of end-users.

Senior Research Analyst for IDC, Rich Costello notes that dedicated remote worker solutions will be essential going forward. Three months ago, companies had to focus on keeping the lights on. Now, it’s time to ensure employees have the right devices to boost productivity. The Zoom from Home category will be a powerful way to support the work anywhere movement.

Zoom also highlighted the security of the Zoom for Home solution:

“Zoom for home will help people stay always connected with it’s easy to use, secure, and intuitive interface”

Zoom for Home solutions will be available in early August.


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