Zoom Releases Noise Suppression for Video

Rebekah Carter

Eliminate those pesky home meeting distractions

Zoom Releases Noise Suppression for Video

Zoom has had an incredible opportunity to shine over the past year.

Following the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, Zoom was one of the initial companies that jumped into action to help businesses of all sizes stay connected. The video conferencing app has become a real household name, responsible for countless remote meetings and business pow-wows.

After a few rocky moments in the initial months of the year, Zoom has leaped back into action in full force. The company released a slew of fantastic new features to delight today’s video conferencing colleagues. One of the biggest new features to hit this August 2020 was Zoom’s native noise suppression technology.

Background Noise? No Thanks

Zoom has always been something of an innovator in the communication and collaboration world. It was the first company to introduce us to the concept of video-first collaboration. Zoom also stood out as one of the initial brands to bridge the gap between business phone and video.

Now, Zoom’s focus is on making the meeting experience more fun and convenient, for an audience of users who are adapting to brand-new work life. As part of a comprehensive update intended to help users feel their best in every meeting, Zoom introduced enhanced background noise suppression.

According to the team, the noise cancellation technology gives you a customisable way to control the distractions in your at-home office. At a lower setting, you’ll be able to get rid of whirring laptop fans and clacking, while still playing soft background music. At higher settings, the noise suppression feature ensures that users hear your voice loud and clear – above anything else.

The Rising Demand for Clearer Meetings

While noise cancellation and suppression have long been crucial features of business phone calls, these elements are often overlooked in the conference environment. Unfortunately, now that today’s teams don’t have dedicated office spaces to work from all the time, distractions are a growing problem. The age of remote work ensures that everything from crying babies to hyperactive dogs can get in the way of a remote meeting.

Zoom’s introduction of noise cancellation technology builds on a clear and rising demand for this functionality among the workforce. Already, Google has promised to add more noise suppression to its Meet solution. Microsoft Teams also recently announced that it would be using artificial intelligence to remove background noise from calls too.

Elsewhere, third party companies are emerging to bring noise cancellation into the technology stack in a different way. Companies like Krisp.AI promise teams that they can add noise suppression to any app they might want to use.

A Noisy New Landscape

Zoom’s decision to enhance its internal noise cancellation efforts highlights the company’s ongoing commitment to supporting clients and solving the problems that today’s workers are having. We’re all dealing with a chaotic landscape where distractions are everywhere. Even as the return to the office begins, many employees will continue to work from home in the months ahead. Zoom ensures that no matter where you are, you can get the kind of focus you need in any meeting.

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