AMC Technology – New Picasso User Interface Generally Available

Customer experience specialist launches new UI for on-premises solutions for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics

AMC Technology – New Picasso User Interface Generally Available

Recognising the importance of both user experience and the requirement for on-premises solution, bespoke customer service integration platform provider, AMC Technology, has confirmed release of its user interface. Available for both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, users of the existing on-premises solution, known as Picasso, can look forward to a new look and feel.

The new user interface is designed to give users a clean, modern and organised feel that aesthetically aligns with the look and feel of the CRM (Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics) with icons, colour and layout.

User Experience

User experience is constantly recognised as a key factor for pleasing both your internal customer – users of the system – and driving a better overall external customer experience. By creating a more positive, productive working environment for your users, you’ll make your customers feel more appreciated as well.

With the new user interface, your contact centre agents will have the capability to drastically reduce the number of clicks per transaction, drive down their average handling times and generally free up more resources. Agents can then focus their attention on helping more customers and providing better customer service in a more efficient time frame.

The introduction of further real-time stats and timers shows AMC Technology’s competitiveness in the market and provides supervisors and team leaders a greater visibility into their agents’ activities. As development of new features is often overlooked in on-premises solutions, AMC Technology is standing up to its cloud counterparts.

“Our hope is that the new user interface is not only more visually pleasing, but that it continues to drive agent efficiency.

Our team put a lot of effort behind the research and development to minimise agent clicks and keep relevant information accessible. We also added features that provide clearer call information for the agent and reporting purposes,” said Anthony Uliano, Founder and CTO, AMC Technology.

New Features

Recognising the importance of a consistent experience, for both employee and customer, AMC Technology has maintained the integrity of its original UI, focusing only on making subtle visual and functionality changes. By focusing on subtle changes, the UI remains intuitive for users. Along with the overall look and feel, highlighted new user interface features include:

  • Quick Create Entities: allows users to add items like contacts, leads, opportunities, etc. from within the toolbar
  • Quick Add Note Shortcuts: in addition to a larger note typing area, the call notes section now also has the ability to add customisable messages
  • Agent Status Timer: real-time breakdown of how long each agent is in a particular mode
  • Clear Call Status Indicators: allows the toolbar to show a status timer, colour coded status icon, type of call (inbound outbound, etc.) and even a status for both current hold time and total hold time

About AMC Technology
AMC Technology is a global leader in contact centre and CRM integration with a vision for improving the customer experience through increased agent efficiency and personalisation capabilities. Founded in 1995, AMC Technology leads the market in providing contact centre integration expertise and best practices. AMC powers contact centres and customer interactions for companies around the globe through its certified platform – Contact Canvas and unparalleled expertise. AMC products are certified by technology partners and allows businesses to more effectively manage all types of customer relationships while delivering superior levels of customer service and improving productivity. 

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