Technology Trends Improving Customer Experience in 2019

We speak to Tollring and explore their thoughts on the year ahead

Technology Trends Improving Customer Experience in 2019

Customer Experience (CX) has established itself as a clear priority for business leaders this year and is a trend that is set to continue into 2019. Many brands now see CX as being a true differentiator and getting customer experience right is key.

In line with the focus that business is placing on CX, technologies are evolving to enable organisations of all sizes to develop and deliver winning CX strategies. We spoke with Tollring about technology trends and how to leverage them to get ahead in the race to deliver outstanding CX.

Just as VoIP and SIP brought enterprise features within reach of small businesses, new technologies are doing the same in other areas of enterprise communications. Contact centre-grade tools, analytics, machine learning and many other technologies are no longer the preserve of only big businesses.

Tony Martino, CEO of Tollring says, “Customer-facing teams across an organisation are taking or making calls and speaking to customers, handling web enquiries, dealing with emails and monitoring social media. Increasingly, organisations want to know what these people are doing, how many customer interactions they are handling and how long they spend on the phone or in chat.  They need this information predominantly to monitor customer contact across the entire business – not just in the contact centre.”

With this shared, cross-departmental responsibility for delivering excellent customer experience comes the need to collate, monitor and manage communications data from multiple sources. According to Tony,

“accessibility of data is increasing dramatically. When customer interaction data is enhanced by data from their wider business ecosystem via APIs, organisations will achieve a far greater understanding of the customer journey.”

Combining call recording with analytics provides instant, valuable feedback for qualitative and quantitative research in a process that will add value to any customer service strategy.

Call recording presents a unique opportunity to assess the content of a customer service interaction”, continues Tony. “Up until now, this has consisted of agent-based categorisation, flagging and notes, but with the addition of speech intelligence via speech analytics and sentiment analysis to call recording feature sets, more value can be extracted with less effort – and measured.”

Tollring believes that 2019 will see rich high-end analytics functionality becoming increasingly accessible to all.  As new technologies evolve, assisted by machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), real-time analytics will continue to dramatically affect an organisation’s ability to deliver exceptional CX.


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