Tollring Initiates Persona-Driven Call Analytics and Call Recording

Simplifying the journey for partners and end-users

Tollring Initiates Persona-Driven Call Analytics and Call Recording

Businesses in the current landscape are paying more attention to their data than ever before. For some time now, customer experience has been at the heart of any decision-making process for brands. However, lately, with issues like COVID-19 changing the way we operate, there’s even more demand for in-depth analysis.

Today’s companies need to know how to connect more effectively with their customers at every stage of their buyer journey. On top of that, businesses also need to use data to guide strategic planning and processes too. After all, we’ve all rapidly moved to a new way of working, which requires new policies and unique levels of focus.

Tollring, one of the market leaders in call analytics is offering a new way for companies to reach their goals. With persona-driven call analytics, Tollring is helping teams to access new, more flexible insights.

I spoke to Tony Martino, CEO of Tollring, to learn more.

What Has This Year Been Like for Tollring?

I asked Tony how the shifting landscape has affected him and his cloud call reporting and call recording company lately. He told me that during the last 6-8 months, Tollring had been expanding and enhancing its product portfolio, innovating while also focusing on proposition simplification, both for channel partners and end users.

“When the COVID situation hit, we were pleased that we were already well on the path to delivering our solution in a more simple and accessible way.”

“We are rolling out a new subscription-based licensing model to partners that helps them to widen their addressable market, to sell in the way that their customers want to buy, and ensure that each user at every customer has access to the functionality they really need”

Tony noted that the changes Tollring is making will help partners further support their customers, not just now, but also as we emerge out of this current economic climate.

How Are You Helping Partners Drive Adoption of Analytics and Call Recording?

According to Tony, the focus for Tollring lately has been on simplifying user adoption and improving the accessibility of reporting and call recording tools. At the beginning of the year, Tollring began exploring ways to transform the licensing model, using the concept of user personas to help understand customers, what those customers value the most from the analytics and services on offer, and to gain a more thorough understanding of their needs.

“Our new subscription model caters for different types of user within an organisation. This means that partners can deliver the exact functionality that their customers need, with each user getting access to the features that are right for them. The ability to unlock this mixed-mode capability is crucial. We believe that that we are uniquely offering this level of flexibility.”

The new subscription model offers three levels of access that have been tailored to the user personas in Tollring’s research. ‘Essentials’ offers individual and high-level business insights, ‘Advanced’ provides more detailed reporting, wallboards and dashboards for enhanced analysis of team performance, and the ‘Ultimate’ package is geared towards managing customer-facing teams with access to live wallboards and call centre analytics. Additional fully integrated bolt-ons include call recording, new contact centre supervisor and agent features with the ability to project multiple wallboards.

“We’ve effectively tailored our analytics offering to our audience based on their needs. We are removing complexity and cost, resulting in users now having access to features that are important to them, and not paying for features they don’t need. Partners can now align our analytics offering with the unique needs of their customers, which is proving an exciting concept amongst our channel as they look at ways of increasing adoption and ARPU.”

What Has Been Driving This Change in Strategy?

The persona-driven subscription model is a huge technology investment for Tollring, and a massive step forward in the company’s innovation strategy and core focus on customer experience analytics. “We’re right in the middle of a massive transformation. We are working closely with individual partners, helping them to differentiate themselves and offer more tailored propositions to the market.”

According to Tony, the need for customer insights is particularly crucial to businesses during this era of mixed remote and office working. “Internal performance and customer interactions can be understood and reviewed no matter where teams are situated. Partners need to deliver simple and flexible solutions that add value and integrate with the collaboration and communication stack that they already offer.”

What Has the Response Been Like?

The reaction to Tollring’s new user-persona focused subscription model has been incredible, according to Tony. Partners love the change because it simplifies their value proposition and allows them to address their mid- to large- customer base. Customers get more of the technology that they need, without paying for things that they don’t.

Tony Martino

Tony Martino

“This is a great way for our partners to offer our value-added analytics services to a wider customer base in these difficult times and beyond with this unique proposition that resonates throughout the supply chain.”

According to Tony, the purpose of this new switch in strategy has been to ensure that partners can align the features that customers need to their budget. The Essential user subscription might be typified as a business owner running a small business, while the Advanced and Ultimate users may run multiple teams and need to understand every interaction touch point throughout the organisation, set KPIs, and share key insights with decision-makers.”

What’s Next for Tollring?

The user persona subscription model delivers high-level benefits across all users requiring access to analytics in an organisation, creating a much clearer alignment of value to need for end users and a simplification of the proposition for partners. The pricing is clearer, with a direct upsell path. “We’re innovating quickly, all the time.”

“Simplification will drive adoption and pave the way for our exciting roadmap of new features and capabilities, whilst making business-critical customer interaction data accessible to as many people as possible”


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