RingCentral’s Plan for Dimelo Post Acquisition

Dimelo becomes RingCentral Engage and will integrate into RingCentral products

RingCentral’s Plan for Dimelo Post Acquisition

At RingCentral’s annual summit, ConnectCentral, I got the chance to catch up with Sahil Rekhi, VP & Managing Director, RingCentral EMEA. Amongst other topics, such as the upcoming event, state of the market place and RingCentral’s impressive upward curve, we discussed the plans for Dimelo. Last month RingCentral announced the acquisition of the digital customer engagement platform.

Who are Dimelo?

With 55 employees, and headquartered in Paris, Dimelo enables companies to manage all their digital customer care channels within a single platform. As a result, agents can manage multiple channels through a unique interface, increasing their response speed, streamlining resources allocation and levelling the flow during peak periods, ultimately impacting customer satisfaction. Using intelligence and analytics to identify a user’s preferred platform of choice, Dimelo enables your business to respond to an end user where they are most likely to be.

When discussing the plethora of methods to communicate with a business in both the B2B and B2C world, we agreed it simply doesn’t make sense for business to continue to shift the platform a user is on.

“Why force the customer to a different medium? You have to meet them where they want to meet you”.

Over 13.5 millions messages coming from various sources (email, chat, messaging, social media, etc.) are categorised, prioritised and dispatched to customer care agents using Dimelo each month and more than 760 thousand problems are solved.

Dimelo roadmap

Refreshingly, the current roadmap for Dimelo is not set to change. Recognising the power of the product without the RingCentral brand, Dimelo is set to continue to add further social and communications channels as planned. Announced at ConnectCentral on day one of the conference, Dimelo now becomes RingCentral Engage.

Following the pre-planned roadmap delivery, Dimelo is set to fully integrate into RingCentral portfolio. With plans to add the power and intelligence of Dimelo into existing RingCentral products like Glip, Pulse, Video and their Contact Centre, the benefit of choosing RingCentral over a competitor looks to be higher than ever. When adopting these technologies for the first time, it’s crucial that the both the user experience and customer experience are top of the agenda. With the addition of Dimelo into the product portfolio, RingCentral are leading the field when it comes to value add services. Rather than focusing on best of breed functionality in one specific silo, Sahil said RingCentral aims to be the perfect storm in the communication and collaboration space.

“You’ve got one Netflix, one Salesforce and one Spotify. There can only be one perfect storm in an industry”.

5th ramp to the platform

Sahil told me that he currently sees 4 ramps that lead to a customer joining the RingCentral platform. Today, these are Cloud PBX, Video, Messaging and Contact Centre. Whilst RingCentral can and does provide all these functionalities, and provides a unified experience between all mediums, each medium on its own is a ramp onto the platform.

The acquisition of Dimelo adds a 5th ramp onto the platform, making the transition to RingCentral easier than ever. If a potential customer wishes to improve their communications strategy and identifies digital customer engagement as an area to focus on, the RingCentral product suite now covers this and opens the door to cross medium adoption and improvement.


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