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Your New IP Phone: AudioCodes 450HD Review

Your guide to the AudioCodes 450HD

Your New IP Phone: AudioCodes 450HD Review

No matter how much the average business environment continues to evolve, a powerful IP phone still holds pride of place on the desks of many executives, call centre agents, knowledge workers and more. The right phone not only keeps people connected, but it also improves productivity and performance in the workforce too.

The new AudioCodes 450HD IP phone is the latest and greatest offering from AudioCodes, for companies that need the very best integration with Microsoft intelligent communications (Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business) and that can’t afford to compromise on voice quality. Part of the renowned AudioCodes 400HD series of IP Phones, this device comes packed with useful capabilities to keep your organisation collaborating smoothly. Let’s see what it can do.

Features & Benefits

The AudioCodes 450HD IP phone comes from the AudioCodes 400HD series of phones, featuring a broad range of simple and useful features all the way from USB headset support, to a 5-inch colour touch-screen to help you manage your calendars, conferences and calls.  The 450HD is perfect for knowledge workers who use Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business, with integrated features that make it simple to see calendar appointments, join conference calls with a single touch and see the presence and status of colleagues.

Features include:

  • Native support for Skype for Business Online and Microsoft Teams
  • 5-inch colour touch-screen with support for multiple languages and up to
  •  8 user programmable keys
  • Expansion module (optional) with 5’’ colour touch screen
  • 2 x USB headset support
  • Integrated Bluetooth for wireless headset
  • Dual GbE support
  • Unique multiple Boss Admin user interface
AudioCodes 450HD

AudioCodes 450HD

Like other phones in the 400HD range, the 450HD IP phone also comes with:

  • Centralised management using AudioCodes IP Phone Manager application
  • Robust security features
  • SILK and Opus codec support for high quality voice calls
  • Speakerphone (full duplex)
  • USB headset support for Jabra, Plantronics and Sennheiser headsets
  • External power supply or PoE

The AudioCodes 450HD IP phone is also incredibly easy to deploy with AudioCodes Auto-Provisioning and web-based support for centralised management and updates. There’s also out-of-the-box global redirection server support available and integration with services for voice quality monitoring. This is a phone that not only supports better audio, but it also delivers stronger collaboration experiences for users with it’s excellent integration with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

Tech Specs

  • Wideband Audio: G.722, Opus, SILK2
  • VoIP and Signalling: SIP, SOP, DNS_SRV, Early Media, SIP Subscribe Notify, BLF, Presence, MWI.
  • Data protocols: TCP, IPv4, ICMP, UDP, RTCP-XR, SRTP, Static IP, 802.1x, IEEE 802.1p/Q, QoS/ToS, HTTP/TTPS/DHCP, VLAN, LDAP, FTP/TFTP, CDP/LLDP
  • Security: SIP over SRTP and TLS, 802.1x, HTTPS, Configuration file encryption, PC Port disable
  • Management and provisioning: Web server, Configuration updates via HTTPS, HTTP, TFTP, FTP, and DHCP options, Mass Deployment with Global server, Provision URL via SIP,
  • Telephony Interface: RJ-9 Headset Jack, USB port for headset, DHSG
  • Power Requirements: +12V DC, 1A Power adapter (450HD: +12V DC, 2A) AC 100V-240V and/or Integrated Power over Ethernet
  • Network Interface: 2 LAN RJ-45 10/100/1000 Base-T for PC and LAN connectivity

Full specification information on the AudioCodes 450HD IP Phone.

Target Market & Regional Availability

AudioCodes IP phones are available globally in any country that you can find an AudioCodes partner or reseller. AudioCodes has an impressive community of certified channel partners, you can find them on the AudioCodes website.

The devices are also available as part of the Managed IP phone solution which transforms the IP phone into a managed IT entity, allowing for simple and straightforward lifecycle management of your desktop devices.

Though AudioCodes is headquartered in Israel, phones are available across the United States, South America, Europe, MEA and Asia-Pacific.

How to Buy & Pricing

The AudioCodes 450HD is competitively priced at $399 MSRP. If you want to purchase an AudioCodes solution, you’ll need to go through a local channel partner using the link above. The partner you choose and the extent of your deployment will dictate the price of your AudioCodes setup. If you’d like to get in touch with AudioCodes you can find your local office here.

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

If you’re looking for an easy-to-deploy and provision IP endpoint for your unified communications stack built around Microsoft intelligent communications tools, then the AudioCodes 450HD IP phone is sure to delight.  Designed to offer exceptional voice quality and exceptional integration with  Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, the AudioCodes 450HD is a premium IP Phone that will help users be more productive and more collaborative every day.

Q: What is VoIP?

A: VoIP is a term that refers to “Voice over Internet Protocol” the process of connecting phone services through the internet, rather than using a standard PTSN line. VoIP is a very low-cost and convenient solution for many businesses.

Q: Is the AudioCodes 450HD IP suited to knowledge workers?

A: IP phones from AudioCodes are specifically designed to offer an unrivalled level of integration with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. Knowledge workers using these  collaboration tools will find the 450HD invaluable in terms of easy meeting access, high quality voice and simple call handling. Executives with admin support will also benefit from the 450HDs unique “boss/admin” features which provides a high level of caller management flexibility for the busy executive.

View the Full IP Endpoints Series

Have you tried the AudioCodes 450HD IP phone yet? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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