AudioCodes 450HD IP Phone: 6 Reasons to Buy the 450HD IP Phone

Rebekah Carter

AudioCodes 450HD – an effective yet simple executive IP Phone

AudioCodes 450HD IP Phone: 6 Reasons to Buy the 450HD IP Phone

AudioCodes are a modern company known for designing, developing, and selling advanced VoIP and data-networking solutions for enterprises and service providers. Their latest 450HD IP phone emerges as part of their Managed IP Phones solution, which helps to promote complete life-cycle management solutions for end-user desktop devices.

Here are 6 reasons why you should buy the AudioCodes 450HD IP phone:

  1. Easy to Use: The AudioCodes 450HD IP phone is simple and straightforward to use, with expansion module support, and a graphical 5″ interface with multi-lingual support included.
  2. Feature rich: This unique deskphone comes with a range of features to help make managing your business video and audio conferencing solutions simpler.
  3. Field-proven technology: The AudioCodes 450HD IP phone is built using the same high-quality, field-proven technology as the other VoIP products in AudioCodes’ portfolio, that means that you can rely on a consistently good experience.
  4. Skype for Business: The 450HD IP phone is currently waiting for Skype for Business certification, and can be used with Skype to simplify video and audio meetings.
  5. Free Management Software: The phone comes with centralized management solutions in the form of the AudioCodes IP Phone Manager, which can be downloaded for no extra cost to the user.
  6. Modern appearance: Last but not least, the AudioCodes 450HDP IP phone looks good. It feels natural in your hand, and the design is modern enough to have the right impression in any office environment.


  • Skype for Business certification – pending
  • Expansion module support (roadmap)
  • 2x USB headset support
  • GbE Support
  • 8 line, 2 concurrent calls per line
  • Touch screen user interface enabling up to 8 programmable keys
  • Graphical 5” color TFT screen (800 x 400) with multi-lingual support

The latest AudioCodes deskphone is a fantastic new solution for enterprises and service providers who want to upgrade their existing hardware and simplify the life-cycle of end-user desktop devices. If you’ve used the AudioCodes 450HD IP Phone before, why not share your thoughts with us in the comments below?


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