AudioCodes Adds IP Phones & Remote Management for Zoom Phone

Moshe Beauford

The offering has a new centralized management toolkit for large-scale IP phone deployments, SBCs, gateways, and it enables BYOC

AudioCodes Adds IP Phones & Remote Management for Zoom Phone

Voice networking and media processing vendor AudioCodes recently told me about the expansion of its product offering, which today supports heightened voice functionalities and connectivity for Zoom Phone users.

Nimrode Borovsky

Nimrode Borovsky

AudioCodes’ 400 series IP phones extend high voice quality and a familiar calling experience for Zoom Phone users, I’m told by a company spokesperson. The phones integrate with Zoom’s zero-touch provisioning, which simplifies the installation and configuration of enterprise IP phone deployments. AudioCodes said it hopes to complete the certification of its entire arsenal of 400 High-Definition (HD) IP phones for Zoom Phone by June or July 2020.

This is according to Nimrode Borovsky, VP and General Manager, Audiocodes. The company’s Mediant session border controllers (SBCs) now extend secure and reliable voice connectivity for Zoom Phone “Bring Your Own Carrier” customers. “This enables Zoom Phone users to use the PSTN and SIP trunk connections they choose, allowing them to lock in competitive tariffs.

“BYOC is supported on both hardware appliance-based SBCs and virtualized editions that you can deploy in private and public clouds including AWS and Azure”

AudioCodes said it’s working closely with Zoom to certify the company’s range of MediaPack analog gateways and ATAs, too. These tools will eventually enable legacy analog devices, analog phones, and fax machines, to integrate into Zoom Phone environments. This is a major digital boost for enterprises that rely on legacy communications, as it could help them accelerate their move into full-on cloud communications.

Zoom Phone users can manage AudioCodes IP phones and SBCs via the One Voice Operations Center (OVOC), a centralized management platform. OVOC, I’m told, supports ‘The full life cycle management of network elements and devices.’ It also includes real-time voice quality monitoring, a feature that could prove critical for companies looking to thrive during and post-COVID-19 with employees working from home and remote locations.

Graeme Geddes, Head of Zoom Phone for Zoom, told UC Today, Zoom’s “Pleased to bring the AudioCodes product portfolio into the Zoom Phone ecosystem.” He pointed out because AudioCcodes hopes to bring more simplicity and flexibility to Zoom Phone deployments, customers should gain a lot of value.

Graeme Geddes

Graeme Geddes

All this comes as no surprise, expressly as Zoom is presently one of the most widely-used video conferencing platforms on the face of the planet. Remote work, collaboration, and other factors come to mind as well, as AudioCodes looks to enhance the experience that many of its customers who now work from home have.

For IT managers in charge of the administration of these tools, AudioCodes’ new Zoom Phone enhancement could be of benefit. This in large part thanks to the offering’s cornucopia of high-level features meant for remote control during an era that requires a practical approach.

Zoom recently made a splash when it announced it expanded the availability of its popular Zoom Phone offering to a wider and more international audience, and AudioCodes is one of the companies in the unified communications and collaboration industry jumping on board to support Zoom’s growing Zoom Phone user-base.

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