Avaya Delivers Device as a Service

Avaya introduces new DaaS solution

Avaya Delivers Device as a Service

Avaya, leading communications company known for state-of-the-art cloud systems, recently announced a brand-new offering just in time for 2019. The DaaS, or “Device as a Service” solution will give modern companies the option to purchase the latest smart desktop device from Avaya using a monthly subscription strategy.

In a similar way to how a standard consumer can go out and buy a smart device from a local store, Avaya now gives businesses a range of ways to enjoy their desktop experience. Companies can either purchase the desktop solution up-front, pay for it via subscription, or access the technology through finance.

What is Avaya’s Device as a Service Solution?

The Avaya Device as a Service option gives companies the latest range of smart devices from Avaya, including the impressive “Vantage” portfolio, as well as the complete Essential Experience series of J100 phones, and the Avaya B189, B179 and B109 conferencing devices. Because Avaya’s desktop solution is completely platform agnostic, companies can deploy their devices on both Avaya and non-Avaya UC platforms.

For businesses who prefer to take the contract subscription route with DaaS, it’s possible to get term lengths of between 1, 3 and 5 years. There’s also the option to negotiate on longer terms with lower monthly prices. Additionally, Avaya provides the opportunity to upgrade your devices to something more advanced at any time, without a penalty.

According to the ICT Industry Director for Frost and Sullivan, Alaa Saayed, the Device as a Service, or “DaaS” model has been gaining traction in the UCaaS space for some time now. Simplifications in device management, reductions to up-front investment costs, and the option to scale technology according to your needs are all common benefits of DaaS.

Avaya’s Evolving Market Strategy

As well as bringing an advanced selection of state-of-the-art IP devices into the current marketplace, Avaya has also been making significant changes to the way that they manage, monitor and provision their endpoints. The new DaaS offering from Avaya gives businesses a convenient way to acquire the latest smart solutions in the hardware market while sticking to a suitable subscription-based payment model.

Both partners and customers that have been looking for a more flexible way to purchase Avaya devices will now have a new way of improving operational efficiencies and gaining flexibility. According to the Vice President of Collaboration and Devices, Greg Pelton, partners and customers have been asking for the DaaS option for a while now, and Avaya is thrilled to deliver. Pelton noted that the new system gives a new level of simplicity to the UCaaS model, where customers can get all of the latest devices and cloud solutions on a simple monthly bill.

Jim Britton, Executive Vice President and COO for Lantana Communications, an Avaya customer, also commented in a recent press release saying that the business is thrilled to have the option to provide customers with a DaaS purchasing plan for the Avaya desktop experience, alongside options for their cloud services.

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