Snom A230 Review: Audio Conferencing Simplified

Turn your deskphone into a convenient and cost effective conferencing solution

Snom A230 Review: Audio Conferencing Simplified

The increasing popularity of dispersed working and the need to collaborate more effectively is driving the need for audio conferencing solutions within businesses. But dedicated conference solutions are still regarded as being too expensive and often requires its own number and integration into the existing infrastructure.

Leading IP Phone vendor Snom have come to the rescue with an innovative solution that addresses both of these challenges and places a professional audio conferencing solution in reach of all businesses, whatever their budget, in the form of the A230 DECT USB Stick.

Features of Snom A230 DECT USB Stick

The A230 DECT USB Stick is a convenient and cost-effective way to provide desktop conferencing facilities into any organisation without the need to invest heavily in complicated and expensive dedicated resources.

And when combined with the Snom C52-SP hands-free conferencing expansion unit, users get a feature rich professional audio conference solution with full duplex audio quality with Snom HD Voice.

Benefits of Snom A230 DECT USB Stick

Dedicated conferencing solutions tend to be costly additions to a communications solution, not just due to their purchase price but in that they usually require dedicated resources and and complicated installation and integration. The Snom A230 DECT USB Stick and C52-SP combination removes these issues:

  • Cost-Effective – With a lower initial purchase cost and the ability to piggy back off and existing handset, the A230 DECT USB Stick delivers high quality and flexibility at a lower price point
  • Flexibility – Once paired, the wireless DECT connection between the A230 DECT USB Stick and speaker unit is good for 25-metres which means you can hold an audio conference wherever you happen to be working
  • Ease of use – Without the need for configuration users simply insert the USB dongle into the port of any compatible D7xx and D3xx handset and pair with the Snom C52-SP hands-free conferencing expansion unit and you have a flexible solution
  • Freedom from wires – Combining the 25 metre range of the A230 DECT USB Stick  with the wireless capabilities of the C52-SP means that your new conference solution and quickly and easily deploy in any room and moved if necessary

Tech Specs

Connects your Snom phone to one headset and one C52-SP extension speakerphone

  • Compatible DECT devices: Snom A170 DECT headset & Snom C52-SP speakerphone
  • Compatible USB devices: All Snom D7XX- and D3XX- series desk phones with USB port
  • USB Port: USB 2.0
  • Frequency: 1880-1900 MHz

Target Market and Regional Availability

All of Snom’s products are available globally through a multitude of retailers and resellers and the A230 is no exception. As it doesn’t take up it’s own dedicated resources and is incredibly easy to setup and use, this could be an ideal secondary solution for organisations that already have invested in a dedicated solution or as an ad-hoc conferencing solution for smaller businesses.

How to buy & Pricing

For anyone interested in finding out more about the Snom A230 DECT USB Stick and C52-SP speaker unit should contact their usual retailer or telecoms reseller to discuss availability and pricing. Alternatively, additional information can be found on the Snom website.

FAQs & Finishing thoughts

With the A230 DECT USB Stick and C52-SP external speaker, Snom have addressed the needs of customers who require flexibility and value for money from a conferencing solution but without compromising on quality. This versatile solution could find a home in any size of business and is particularly adept at those requiring occasional conferencing facilities.

Q: Can I use it with any Snom handset?

A: Providing the handset has a USB port you will be able to use the A230 DECT USB Stick to connect to the C52-SP speaker unit

Q: How easy is it to install?

A: The A230 can be set up in 3 easy steps – Connect the Snom A230 DECT USB Stick to your Snom desk phone via its USB port to add DECT functionality and then connect to the C52 SP expansion module and you can instantly make calls directly using the external speaker. With the powerful integrated microphones and the large speaker of the Snom C52 SP, your conference calls will be easy to set up, crystal clear and professional.


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