Yamaha YVC-1000MS Gets Skype for Business Certification

Yamaha UC and Microsoft come together to offer exceptional audio solutions

Yamaha YVC-1000MS Gets Skype for Business Certification

Experts in the world of audio, Yamaha recently announced that their USB Speakerphone, the YVC-1000MS, engineered using Yamaha’s highest-quality audio technology, would be available to enhance the Skype for Business user experience.

Available from October this year, the Yamaha YVC-1000MS speaker and microphone system has passed the tough Certification Version 3 tests set by Skype with flying colours. Now, the Yamaha speakerphone has earned its stripes, after meeting the high standards that define what users have come to expect from the Skype for Business experience – combining collaboration with clear, crisp audio.

Introducing the YVC-1000MS

The Yamaha YVC-1000MS speakerphone is an impressive, flexible, and highly-scalable audio solution designed to support the requirements of enterprise-level large meeting rooms. It’s also got plenty of potential for rooms with complex table configurations, and remote seminars or educational classes using the Skype for Business application.

The YVC-1000MS features separate speaker and microphone units that seamlessly integrate audio for comfortable, and natural communication solutions. Yamaha’s adaptive services for echo cancellation, and other high-quality solutions for sound processing help to give end users a stress-free and clearer conversation. The fantastically user-friendly design also provides an intuitive, quick connection to calls on smartphones that are made via , and it can also bridge to Skype for Business calls through USB.

The Call for Skype Integration

According to the senior general manager, and executive officer of the audio business division for Yamaha, Hirofumi Osawa, Skype for Business continues to be the ultimate platform choice for those in search of efficient collaboration. In an effort to meet the needs of their clients, Yamaha has come together with Microsoft to focus on bringing forth technologies that are carefully tuned to make human voice sound as natural and clear as possible.

With the development of the new Yamaha YVC-1000MS, users will be able to optimise their experience on Skype for Business and improve the clarity of conversations that might take place in larger meeting spaces.

According to the senior director of product marketing and Skype for Business in Microsoft, Tiffany Wissner, Yamaha has an exceptional long-standing reputation as an expert in audio technology. Together, Microsoft and Yamaha will continue working together to simplify the meeting experience and deliver the high level of audio that’s necessary for any effective conversation. The YVC-1000MS phone was chosen for certification thanks to its ability to meet large meeting room requirements.


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