What the Yealink CP960 Conference Phone Actually Does – Part One

Guest blog by Cheryl Wang of Yealink

What the Yealink CP960 Conference Phone Actually Does – Part One

There are countless physical ways to communicate with another person, such as body language, eye contact and gestures. Likewise, virtual communication tools such as email, social media and text messages abound. And yet voice conversations remain the primary and most direct way we interact with other people. It’s also the most effective way to effectively convey an idea.

That’s why audio conferencing dominates communication with remote teams and colleagues. In business organisations, the volume of audio conferencing has risen for the past five consecutive years.  According to the survey conducted by Wainhouse, a reported 100 million people used an estimated 150 billion minutes of audio conferencing time in 2014.

In a constructive group conversation, team members promote discovery and insight by listening carefully, understanding correctly and giving appropriate feedback. Each step depends on the absence of audio barriers.

To ensure voice communications work well, Yealink introduces its CP960 conference phone for easy conferencing and clear communication for your day-to-day audio conferences.

Yealink worked closely with Harman to design our CP960 speakerphone. Rigorously tested by the Harman engineering team, the CP960 ensures audio clarity excellence in a range of meeting environments. Combined with Yealink’s Optima HD voice technology, the CP960 upgrades a conference participant’s listening experience.

Today, more than 3.7 million people regularly work remotely at least half the time, according to data from GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com. Conference organisers worry during large meetings about the ability of every conference participant to hear clearly. A conference should be motivating and effective for remote participants, not a test of listening comprehension skills.

The CP960 conference phone dispels these concerns thanks to its six-meter (20-foot) pickup range with no dead zones. What does that mean in practice? You can walk around the meeting room with ease and with the confidence that the other parties can hear you clearly. Add a Yealink CPW9 wireless microphone and you can further extend your effective range.

Multiple conference phones make it possible to have an audio conference with people in several dispersed locations simultaneously. For these situations, the CP960’s five-inch multi-touch colour screen makes it easy for conference organisers to operate the Pentagon Meeting Room interface. Meeting hosts can invite conference participants simply, initiate meetings quickly.

Organisers can easily select or add conference participants before the meeting and send out multiple invitations at once rather than dialing one by one. What’s more, adding or joining conference participants no longer interrupts an ongoing conference.

Yealink Active Speaker vividly displays the participant currently speaking on the screen. It’s an end to the constant “who is speaking” question that bedevils larger conferences.

The CP960 is an end to outdated tools and unreliable methods for conference calls. If you want customers and colleagues to understand you clearly and get the job done, the CP960 is your best partner.

For more about Yealink CP960 visit the Yealink product page.

Guest Blog provided by Cheryl Wang at Yealink.


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