BNS Distribution Announce Headset Partnership with JPL Telecom

Distribution deal brings JPL’s wide-range of headsets to BNS partners throughout the UK

BNS Distribution Announce Headset Partnership with JPL Telecom

Leading UK telecommunications distributor BNS Distribution Limited has announced a new partnership that will see JPL Telecom’s world-class headsets available to BNS Partners throughout the UK.

BNS Distribution are the UK’s primary Value added distributor for Grandstream Networks products who recently confirmed that a wide-range of JPL Telecom’s headsets were fully compatible with Grandstream’s award-winning portfolio of IP Phones.

“Headsets are the main way that many users interact with their IP phones, and therefore it is imperative for us to offer powerful, easy-to-use “out of the box” headsets that seamlessly pair with the Grandstream phones,” commented Lee Sinclair, Sales Director of BNS Distribution Ltd.

“We are excited to partner with JPL Telecom to allow users of Grandstream phones to take advantage of their world-class headsets that offer superior audio quality and hands free functionality. We are also very impressed with JPL’s ability to offer superior noise cancellation for the microphone send sound and their innovative industry firsts. Users should be able to have an almost ‘face to face’ like quality conversation without sound distractions from the speakers or microphone. JPL headsets give a true to life send and receive sound that is truly class leading.”

As the UK’s 3rd largest headset manufacturer, Dorset-based JPL design and produce a wide range of business headsets with a range that spans entry-level office use headsets to professional call centre use headsets in wired and wireless DECT styles. In addition, their innovative and patented modular system allows JPL to offer a real alternative to the current headset brand leaders in the competitive headset space.

“I am extremely pleased and excited with the new partnership with BNS Distribution.”



“We wanted to make sure that BNS Distribution’s customers have more options when it comes to their telecom headsets. All our headsets offer high quality standards with advanced noise cancellation using Surround Shield™ technology and some with patented design industry firsts. Our partnership with BNS Distribution is part of a growing commitment and support to our partners in the telecoms and Unified Communications channel. JPL Telecom is also releasing more new products throughout 2018 – a new UC wireless DECT headset with four patent pending designs, a new concept design, more USB headsets and complimentary accessories,” added James Clarke, Founder & CEO of JPL Telecom Limited.

Through this latest partnership, BNS Distribution customers now have easy access to complete range of industry leading IP handsets and headset options from one single supplier. Out-of-the-box, a comprehensive range of JPL headset will integrate seamlessly with the Grandstream’s GXP2100 series High-End IP phones, GXP1700 series Mid-Range IP Phones, GXP1600 series Basic IP Phones and GXV3200 IP Video Phone for Android.


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