Nimans Evolves With Double Jabra Boost

New Jabra devices help resellers unlock more sales with Nimans

Nimans Evolves With Double Jabra Boost

Nimans has developed a louder voice with headset and collaboration specialist Jabra – to help resellers unlock more sales doors and inspire their clients work in smarter and more intuitive ways.

Jabra’s latest headset innovation, the Evolve 75 is heralded as the best wireless device for concentration in an open office and it’s already proving a popular addition to Nimans’ burgeoning technology portfolio.

The device combines superior Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) with an integrated busy light to enhance productivity. Dual connectivity to two devices allows users to take calls and listen to music from the same headset, giving them extra freedom to move 30m away from their smartphone and/or PC. In addition the Evolve 75 is the world’s first Skype for Business certified headset meeting the requirements for specific open office and outdoor environments.

“The Evolve 75 is a professional wireless headset with superior ANC – managing noise for better productivity. In today’s busy office environments there’s lots of background noise which can be a major distraction, but the Evolve 75 is designed as the best wireless headset for concentration in an open office enabling users to block out noise and interruptions so they stay focused on their tasks.” – Jason Welsh, Nimans’ Headset Business Manager.

The Jabra Evolve 75 promotes more freedom through dual Bluetooth connectivity whilst all-day comfort is enhanced by leather-feel ear cushions and an on-the-ear design.

It works with all leading UC platforms too – whilst easy charging and docking comes with an optional charging stand to eliminate battery concerns.

It’s been joined at Nimans by the Jabra’s Speak 710 portable conferencing device which boasts immersive sound for calls and music, as well as plug and play connectivity. The Speak 710 is equally at home in a boardroom or hotel room and has a 15 hour battery life and an omni-directional microphone providing 360-degree coverage to pick up sounds from any angle.

“The latest research from Jabra indicates that 87% of organisations say their use of collaboration technology has improved teamwork whilst 72% feel it has accelerated decision making. There’s little doubt greater levels of collaboration are increasing business performance in and outside of traditional working environments with Jabra and Nimans leading the way. The Evolve 75 and Speak 710 are a welcome addition to our comprehensive technology range and provide resellers with even more compelling ways to clinch more sales in an ever evolving working world.”  – concluded Welsh.


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