Plantronics Elara 60 Phone Station Review

The latest Phone Station for mobile workers

Plantronics Elara 60 Phone Station Review

As the modern workplace continues to evolve, the technology we use to enable robust and productivity communications is changing with it. Plantronics, a pioneer in audio tech, is one of the companies leading the way towards the communication stack of tomorrow. Recently, they announced their brand-new Elara 60 Phone Station series, specifically designed for the mobile worker.

The Plantronics Elara series offers today’s firms a mobile phone station intended to enhance and improve the business conversations you have on your smartphone. Now that around 36% of employees rely on their mobile devices for day-to-day communication, this device could be the key to empowering staff, without compromising on conversation quality.

Features and Benefits:

The Plantronics Elara 60 series essentially converts the modern smartphone into an enhanced business desk phone in a matter of seconds. A station that you can take with you wherever you go, the Elara tunes into your Microsoft Teams notifications, and gives staff members one-touch access to their communication and collaboration tools. Features include:

  • Unique mobile-first design
  • Headset integration
  • Optional handset (for traditional users)
  • Built-in speakerphone
  • Wireless and corded mobile phone charging options
  • Smartphone viewing plate
  • Advanced headset features
  • Dedicated Microsoft Teams button
  • Dedicated Cortana button for virtual assistant support

The Plantronics Elara 60 series phone station gives modern companies the chance to ensure that their mobile workers are just as productive as in-office employees. With Elara, you can turn any smartphone into an incredible tool for desktop collaboration. Within seconds, you can transition a call from Microsoft Teams into your smartphone, using a headset, handset, or speakerphone. Other benefits include:

  • Flexibility: Stay connected in a way that suits you. The Plantronics Elara comes with multiple ways to personalise your communication strategy using enterprise-grade speakerphone, headset, and handset options. While you’re in a call, your iOS or Android smartphone will automatically charge with multi-coil wireless or wired charging
  • Easy deployment: The Plantronics Elara 60 Series frees users from excess wires and service provisioning concerns. All you need to do to get started is to plug the device into a power outlet and pair the smartphone you want to use. Keeping employees in the loop couldn’t be easier
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams: Collaboration is quickly becoming a crucial part of the unified communication discussion. Fortunately, the Elara 60 series empowers better collaboration through seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. Use the Teams button to launch Microsoft Teams on mobile, and manage your video, chat, or audio conferences in no time
  • Scalable technology: The Plantronics Elara 60 Series also comes with a companion app to help businesses customise their settings according to their preferences, and update firmware quickly. The Manager Pro as-a-service option is offered separately, but it provides a great insight into your business with device usage statistics and inventory tracking

Target Market & Regional Availability

Plantronics Elara 60

Plantronics Elara 60 Phone Station

Plantronics is a highly-commended and well-respected audio company with consumers all around the world. Anyone can benefit from a Plantronics device, but the Elara 60 Series is specifically designed for modern businesses that want to make sure employees can stay just as productive and efficient on-the-go. In a world where mobile working is becoming increasingly popular, the Plantronics Elara 60 Series gives professionals instant access to desktop collaboration.

How to Buy & Pricing

Plantronics products are available through Plantronics and Polycom resellers. For more information, you can contact Plantronics or Polycom about the Elara 60 Series. Currently, the Plantronics Elara 60 is scheduled to be released in early 2019.

Finishing Thoughts and FAQ

The Plantronics Elara 60 Series is just another example of Plantronics commitment to delivering exceptional audio experiences to companies around the world. Combined with the Plantronics Manager pro SaaS solution, businesses can access a next-level solution for mobile workforce management and empowerment.

Q: Why is the Elara perfect for Microsoft Teams users?

A: The Plantronics Elara 60 Series was specifically designed for use with Microsoft products. Plantronics believe that their close relationship with Microsoft meant that it only made sense to leverage the collaboration potential of Microsoft Teams in their new mobile-first experience. The Plantronics Elara 60 system comes with instant access to Teams at the touch of a button, as well as a dedicated “Cortana” button.

Q: How easy is it to deploy the Elara 60?

A: A user has only to plug the Elara 60 into a power outlet, and pair their mobile and they’re done. Deployment throughout the enterprise is easy, saving time and money and enabling greater simplicity and freedom.

4.7 out of 5

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Avatardavid wardell 08:10, 11 Oct 2018

Nice piece Rebekah,
This could be a game changer in our view,
Just add the mobile phone app from your system provider e.g. UCS from Ericsson-LG or One X or Equinox from Avaya and you have a fully integrated system extension – extending your UC capability.

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