Plantronics Management & Reporting Now Available for Android & iOS

IT Managers now have extended reach

Plantronics Management & Reporting Now Available for Android & iOS

Pioneers in the world of communications and audio experience, Plantronics recently announced that it would be extending the reporting and management aspects of its cloud services to include the Plantronics UC headsets connected to mobile devices on Android and iOS. This improved reach is enabled through a mobile “Plantronics Hub” application, which allows managers to manage, see, and analyse information from Plantronics devices.


According to Nemertes Research, around 53% of organisations have expressed an interest in getting more ear-to-ear diagnostics. Plantronics Pro will help to maintain high-quality experiences for people accessing communications services, ensuring that managers can access insights from the entire company’s communication network.

Introducing Plantronics Manager Pro

Today’s IT experts can sometimes have hundreds or thousands of headsets to manage in their ecosystem, which means that tapping into the network is a difficult task. Unfortunately, failing to exert complete control over the communication environment can lead to poor user experiences. Plantronics Manager Pro is a solution to this problem. A subscription SaaS that allows managed service providers and IT experts to update settings, configure audio, and more from a single hub, this cloud-based architecture is a powerful way to access an enterprise headset network. The system even includes its own suite of predictive reporting tools, as well as:

  • Health and safety monitoring: This ensures that acoustic levels on devices are in the right acoustical range
  • Improved analytics and call quality: This improves conversation quality and limits issues with headset performance
  • Asset adoption and management: This allows managers to plan and deploy their Unified communication and collaboration strategies more effectively in the enterprise

The Latest Update: Pro v3.11

The most recent update to Plantronics Manager Pro v3.11 is intended to give IT admins and managed service providers even more control over their headset network. The system now comes with the following features:

  • Simplified reporting: Asset management and adoption features come with easy-to-access reports that are easy to read and drive actionable insights from.
  • Northbound API access to the Plantronics Manager Pro system: It’s easier than ever for developers and customers to embed their data into their existing applications.
  • The opportunity to manage and see insights from the complete line of Plantronics devices attached to Android and iOS devices, as well as Windows and Mac OS

These days, if an IT professional wants to be able to access all the valuable data available in a line of evolving enterprise devices, they need to be able to tap into their information wherever it might be. With the Plantronics manager Pro v3.11, experts will have access to the complete range of actionable insights they need to drive better performance in their enterprise. The system is available now across 143 countries, either on a three-year subscription or annual purchase basis.


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