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Plantronics Manager Pro Review: Handling your Headset Investment with Style

Everything you need to know about Plantronics Manager Pro

Plantronics Manager Pro Review: Handling your Headset Investment with Style

Innovators in the world of people-first collaboration services, Plantronics delivers exceptional communication experiences based on design and functionality. The company has more than 55 years of experience in the field, which means that they’ve had a pretty diverse portfolio up to now. Today, Plantronics offers everything from video and audio-conferencing services, to software, and of course, state-of-the-art headsets.

Headsets can play an important role in the productivity and performance of the average business environment. However, for the IT manager, deploying the right headset is about more than just choosing something with the latest features and the most comfortable structure. Business leaders need a way to manage and troubleshoot the communication experience too – all from a central point.

Enter Plantronics Manager Pro.

Plantronics Manager Pro Features

Plantronics Manager Pro is a web-based system designed to help IT staff monitor and maintain audio equipment in the average workforce. With the system, you can improve headset setup, troubleshoot problems, and respond to any individual problems your users are having instantly. The system works with any device – which means that you can manage headsets connected to both mobile systems and computers.

Plantronics Manager Pro helps companies to:

  • View useful data from a simple user interface
  • Schedule and distribute software and firmware updates, as well as plugins
  • Change management features remotely
  • Monitor and drive communication system adoption
  • Group users by function or department
  • Manage administrative metrics, alerts and setting options for users
  • Generate reports for things like unused devices

Who Can Use Plantronics Manager Pro?

Plantronics Manager Pro is designed to simplify headset management from enterprise companies, contact centres, and solution providers:

  • Solution Providers can determine how APIs in the Plantronics network may be useful in attracting new customers and enhancing existing customer experience
  • Contact centres can increase agent performance, reduce stress in the workplace, and improve customer satisfaction
  • Enterprise companies can boost their UC experience and provide a better overall audio experience for the workforce

The browser-based interface of Plantronics Manager Pro also means that it’s easy to access and deploy from any location.

What Can the Enterprise Accomplish with Plantronics Manager Pro?

For the enterprise user, Plantronics Manager Pro simplifies the process of rolling out headsets into the workforce and boosting UC adoption on a company-wide basis. Plantronics offers the opportunity to combine the system with “Plantronics Hub”, which is a unique application allowing people to control the settings on audio devices from their desktop. The combined system makes Plantronics endpoints more “plug and play” so users can start working straight away. You can also create reports on how the headsets you deploy are used, for a better overview of adoption. Great features for enterprises include:

  • Simplicity: Simplifying the deployment and management of headset devices through Plantronics Manager Pro and Plantronics Hub can save enterprises a lot of time, stress and money
  • Lifecycle and policy management: If you’ve got hundreds or thousands of headsets to manage in a single enterprise, Plantronics Manager Pro allows you to bring all of those devices together in a single platform to easily troubleshoot issues, and issue updates in bulk. You can also adjust end-user settings to suit your business needs
  • Status reports and activity reports: IT managers can check status reports to ensure compliance and evaluate user activity information to find out more about the workstyles and strategies in their company
  • Flexibility: As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, Plantronics Manager Pro also allows for end-users to connect their devices to their mobile devices and tablets, while still accessing the same level of IT support

Plantronics Manager Pro for the Contact Centre

It’s not just the enterprise environment that can benefit from Plantronics Manager Pro. This system is also incredibly well-suited to the contact centre too. After all, the average contact centre uses hundreds or thousands of headsets at once in the pursuit of better customer experience.

With Plantronics Manager Pro, IT experts can improve the nature of the conversations your agents have with customers through useful reports that dictate the amount of time agents spend on conversations, or areas where agents might struggle to complete a call in a certain timeframe. Conversation analytics reports help you to see who is doing most of the talking in the contact centre conversation, as well as highlighting instances of “over talk” where people are talking over each other in the call. You can also check for issues that may require additional training for the contact centre agent.

Plantronics Manager Pro also comes with features that track user behaviour patterns when it comes to “quick disconnect” functionalities, volume control, and mute operations. Importantly, with Plantronics Manager Pro, call centre leaders can also manage health and safety in the business environment, by offering a safer audio experience. Acoustic events reports allow IT experts to quickly identify issues in the organisation that might lead to problems with employee comfort or health.

Plantronics Manager Pro for Solution Providers

Finally, solution providers can also tap into the benefits of Plantronics Manager Pro to help boost customer experience and drive revenue. With the analytics offered in the Manager Pro software, you can identify useful strategies for developing new analytical tools and performance reports capable of increasing value for your clients and delivering differentiated solutions for customers. The data in Plantronics Manager Pro can also be integrated into existing applications, and Plantronics API help with driving and monitoring stronger UC adoption throughout your client base.

The rich selection of Plantronics APIs available with Manager Pro gives service providers a better overview over how they can serve and support their customers. For instance, you could improve the average conversation quality by identifying locations where over-talk is higher than it should be. You can even troubleshoot and improve radio link quality for headsets using Bluetooth to USB adapter metrics.

Plantronics Manager Pro is all about providing a deeper overview of what’s going on throughout the entire UC communication strategy.

Finishing Thoughts on Plantronics Manager Pro

Plantronics Manager Pro is an excellent deployment, management, and analytics solution for IT groups of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking to enhance communication in the enterprise or improve the performance of your contact centre, Manager Pro can drive a stronger UC solution for your team.

With this unique piece of software, you can gain the insights you need to unlock the full potential of your audio endpoints. From troubleshooting issues, to adjusting individual settings, Plantronics gives companies the solutions they need for better user and customer experiences.

Have you used this software yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

4.2 out of 5

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