Sennheiser SC230 Headset Review: Convenience & Comfort in the Contact Centre

Read our Sennheiser Circle SC230 review

Sennheiser SC230 Headset Review: Convenience & Comfort in the Contact Centre

It has become the iconic image of the call centre – the agent wearing a headset with an integrated microphone arm.

Headsets were introduced to save telephone operators having to constantly pick up a handset, freeing both hands to carry out other tasks, such as typing. The arrival of the headset no doubt also saved agents from the considerable discomfort of having to hold a telephone to their ear all day.

These core principles – convenience and comfort – were certainly what Sennheiser had in mind when designing its Circle SC230 headset model. Describing it as a working tool for all day performance, the German vendor bills the SC230 as a reliable option which can be used in all sorts of environments without becoming a drag for the wearer.

What can it do?

The Sennheiser Circle SC230 is a single-sided wired headset designed to provide maximum comfort for long shifts in the contact centre. The earpiece uses Sennheiser’s trademarked CircleFlex dual-hinge system to mould to the shape of the user’s ear and offer flexibility when they move. It also includes a soft acoustic foam covering, and grooved headband adjustment for finding the perfect fit.

As well as the comfort of the fit, ear protection is essential for a headset, and the SC230 makes use of Sennheiser’s ActiveGard technology to prevent sudden loud spikes in audio coming from the speaker, minimising the risks of ear damage.

The speakers themselves make use of wideband sound transmission to create a more natural listening experience, improving intelligibility during calls by countering the effect of having the speaker so close to your ear. The microphones, meanwhile, use noise cancelling technology to reduce background noise from the office being picked up on the other end of the line.

The microphone is designed for convenient positioning, it can be worn on either the left or right and positioned at any angle, with bendable boom arm for easy adjustment.

UC Today Opinion – Our favourite feature

Overall, the Sennheiser Circle SC230 is a great all-rounder for any contact centre environment. It is comfortable and offers quality, clear audio, and we were also impressed with the sturdy build quality. When you are taking a headset on and off all day, it is easy for microphone booms or head straps to snap, but this feels robust.

Our favourite feature, however, is the easy disconnect plug system, which means an agent can actually unplug and walk away from their desk without taking off the headset. Not only does this provide extra mobility around the office, it is great for hot desking environments, meaning agents can have their own headsets without it being a hassle to connect each time. Sennheiser has also thought about compatibility with different contact centre systems, with a USB adapter plug for connecting to a UC system softphone and an adapter for connecting to Skype for Business.

Have you used the Sennheiser Circle SC230 headset? Let us know what you made of it in the comments section below, and feel free to share this article on social media. And if you would like to find out more about the SC230, Sennheiser offers a free trial for all of its contact centre and office headsets.


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