Introducing Carrier-Grade IP Phones from Grandstream

Rebekah Carter

New IP Phone series from GrandStream

Introducing Carrier-Grade IP Phones from Grandstream

Grandstream Networks is a world-leader in connectivity, offering award-winning SIP unified communications strategies for more than 15 years. The company recently announced that it would be taking its IP phone offering to the next level with the release of a series phones classed as carrier-grade. The GRP2600 devices are state-of-the-art IP phones designed with zero-touch provisioning built-in for secure mass deployment and easy provisioning.

These range of innovative phones are sleek and ergonomic, re-imagined to support better user experience, easy logo customisation, and a variety of next-gen features such as Bluetooth, WiFi, and LCD screens. Four GRP models were recently announced, including the GRP2612P, GRP2612, GRP2613, and the GRP2614. Additional models are set to be released in the near future.

The new GRP series is designed for enterprise users and service providers who need high-quality, elegant, and secure phones according to the CEO of Grandstream, David Li. The GRP series has been highly anticipated for those in search of excellent quality and performance.

Features of the New GRP Series

The new GRP series features a range of competitive features that appear on every model, including a swappable faceplate so you can apply your own logo, a colour LCD screen, and zero provisioning thanks to the Grandstream cloud platform – GDMS. The provisioning solution is currently in beta mode but will be released fully in the coming months, offering a secure and central interface for the provisioning and management of large deployments.

Industry-leading security is also included in the form of secure boot, random default password, unique security certificate, and encrypted data storage. Support for major voice codecs is available, such as wide-band Opus, G.711, G.722, and G.723. Additionally, Grandstream will support dual firmware images for better reliability. All of the firmware across the GRP series is also unified.

Specifics on the New Models

The additional features you get with your new Grandstream IP phone will differ depending on the model you choose. For instance, the GRP2612 and GRP2612P come with:

  • 4 multi-purpose line keys
  • 2 SIP accounts
  • 4-inch colour LCD
  • Up to 16 virtual multifunctional keys
  • Dual switched 10/100MBps ports

The GRP2613 comes with:

  • Dual Gigabit ports
  • Integrated PoE
  • Up to 24 virtual multifunctional keys
  • 8-inch colour LCD
  • 3 SIP accounts
  • 6 multi-purpose line keys

The GRP2614 comes with:

  • Dual LCD screens
  • 8 multi-purpose extension keys
  • 4 SIP accounts
  • Up to 40 virtual multi-purpose keys
  • Integrated dual-band WiFi
  • Dual gigabit and integrated PoE

The GRP series are available to purchase through the Grandstream global distribution channels now, after their release in June.


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