Konftel 300Wx Conference Phone Review

Review of the Konftel 300Wx conference phone ‘absolute freedom with no wires’?

Konftel 300Wx Conference Phone Review

Formed in 1988, Swedish brand, Konftel, has built a solid reputation as one of the worlds most highly esteemed manufacturers of next generation audio conferencing solutions for a wide variety of different business types.

Throughout this article we shall be writing a review on one of their flagship products, the Konftel 300Wx, that explains the many features and benefits it offers to businesses and which types of working environments it is most suited to.

Before we continue, however, we must inform all readers that we are not selling this product and any advice we give is just the professional opinion of individuals that have been working within the telecoms industry for a number of years.

What is the Konftel 300Wx?

As part of the Konftel 300 series, the 300Wx conference phone is one of the brand’s most popular models and features a wide range of next-generation conference calling features that cater for the needs of a wide variety of businesses. With its unique, compact design and simplistic interface that allows for greater ease of use, this phone is a an incredibly useful tool that offers numerous benefits and would be a valuable asset to any company wishing to improve its communication and bring colleagues together in a thriving collaborative working environment.

What can it do?

Featuring a built-in, high quality compact speakerphone with patented OmniSound technology, the Konftel 300Wx offers you crystal clear sound quality and speech that sounds so natural and lifelike it feels as though you are standing directly opposite the person/people you are speaking to. For businesses that require absolute clarity and HD quality, this feature is hugely beneficial and can drastically reduce miscommunication and error margins.

To compliment this, an intelligent, 360 degree, noise cancelling microphone system allows listeners to easily differentiate between individual speakers and cleverly cancels out any unwanted exterior sounds to ensure information is completely understood from the start of the conversation to the end.

Moreover, as well as connecting directly to a users PC or Laptop device, the Konftel 300Wx has been designed to satisfy the demands of the modern age and accomplishes this task by allowing users to connect directly through their mobile phones and tablets. This way, the Konftel 55Wx can be used at the office, at home, at the park, at a beach, in the middle of a rainforest on top of a mountain (…we could go on and on).

As well as this, the 60-hour battery life span allows users to hold conferences in more or less any location around the office without having to worry about wired connections. By doing this, users are no longer confined to a single room and can hold meetings wherever and whenever they please.

Thanks to the full SD card compatibility available on the Konftel 300Wx, users are also able to record conversations and save them to the external device for reference at a later date. This way, no information is lost as audio files can easily be retrieved whenever a person’s memory needs refreshing.

What do we like most about it?

Much like all of Konftel’s product, the 300Wx offers a complete conference calling solution that goes above and beyond much of what can be expected from other products available on the market and picking just one its feature out over the rest is no east feat. Having said that, we were very impressed by the fact that this machine can run for almost four days on a single charge, making it a highly useful mobile tool that enables users to perform conference calls in any place of their choosing.

So what do we think?

If you are looking for a conference calling phone that promises to deliver exception audio quality whilst simultaneously increasing staff productivity and creating a more collaborative working environment for your workers, then we strongly recommend investing in the Konftel 300Wx. With its abundance of useful call features, a long lasting battery and a two-year warranty included in the price, this is a perfect choice for businesses of any size and puts the product head and shoulders above many other brand’s models currently available on the market.

And what about you?

Though we have explained what we think of the Konftel 300Wx, we are fully aware that everybody has their own opinions and we would very much like to hear about your experiences (good or bad) with this product.

Beneath this article there is a comments section where you can tell us what you think about this phone and how it fits in with the type of business you run. We would also be very grateful if you could contribute to our rating system you to help give a more accurate customer review of the device and help other potential buyers decide whether or not this phone is right for them.

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