NEC DT830CG Review – Now with XML Interface

NEC DT830CG IP Phone Review

NEC DT830CG Review – Now with XML Interface

As a leading figure in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector, NEC is a Japanese company that claims to use its expertise and advanced technology to create the ‘ICT-enabled society of tomorrow’ – but do their products live up to this statement?

In this article we shall be reviewing the one of the companies latest releases,   NEC DT830CG, and discussing the features and benefits of this device and what areas of business it is most suited to.

Look and feel – would this phone suit your office?

Offering a colour LCD display that informs users of incoming caller information, the time and date and extension names, the immediately strikes us as a DT830CG is a stylish desk phone that is easy to navigate through and simple to configure. Offering 4 soft keys and 12 customisable line keys that can be configured to meet the needs of the user, this phone is a device built from improving speed and efficiency in the work place and it clearly shows in the design.

NEC DT830CG IP Phone

What can it do?

Alongside a range of customisable line keys, the DT830CG also allows users to access a wide range of applications designed to help improve efficiency and productivity and ensure that fantastic customer service is delivered during every call. Moreover, with features such as Voicemail, ACD and customer information integration, businesses are able to minimise operator and other overhead costs and increase scalability and flexibility by choosing a phone that allows users to log into any IP telephone anywhere on the business’s NEC network.

In addition, by utilising NEC’s XML interface you can now push data through to the display of the telephone. For example; call stats, CRM data, corporate information and more.

What are our favourite bits?

We love how well the UC for Enterprise IP telephone integration allows DT830CG users to quickly gain access to all of the important contact information stored within the company’s directory directly from their phone. This way, time is no longer wasted searching for a number and can instead be applied to doing something more constructive that will be more beneficial to the business.

As well as this, this device also has a Bluetooth connection adapter installed that enables users to receive and place calls through either their smart device or desktop telephone for added mobility and a more unified comms experience. Bluetooth headset/handset support is also available for users who require free hands during telephone conversations i.e. teleworkers and call centre operators.

What didn’t we like?

Though the DT830G is obviously a device that is built for simplicity and ease of use, we feel that the inclusion of an interactive LCD screen that could support applications or give something a little bit more than the Time & Date or the name and number of an incoming call would be a huge advantage. However, the absence of this feature is most likely represented in the difference in price with the devices that do offer this.

Who would benefit most from this phone?

At its most fundamental level, this is a phone that provides users with important caller information prior to a call, has a number of line keys that enable users to create their own bespoke settings and allows them to transfer those settings to any IP phone within the business’s NEC network. It is for this reason, along with the fact that the DT830G offers support for Bluetooth headsets, that we believe this phone would be perfect in a call centre setting where many users are operating under one network and often change from one desk to another on a regular basis.

How compatible is this phone?

The DTG830 Compatible with UNIVERGE SV9000 and SV8000 Series communications and is fully scalable within these systems.

Where to buy and for how much?

Contact NEC’s wide network of NEC Univerge resellers for pricing and quotations. According to the internet around £300 GBP / $372 USD is the going rate.

What do we think?

For any businesses looking for a phone that is easy to use and require very little training on how to navigate through the various features and applications, the DT830G strikes us as a pretty solid option. As well as this, its scalability features, as we mentioned previously, make it a fantastic option for growing companies or any businesses that require a phone that can be used on any place within the businesses NEC network.

However, if you have an opinion that differ from our own, if you have any questions you want answering or would like to create your own review about the DT830G, please feel free to let us and potential buyers read about it by posting your words in the comments section below.


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