Cisco 7861 IP Phone Review

Read all about the new Cisco 7861 IP Phone

Cisco 7861 IP Phone Review

The Cisco 7861 IP Phone is one of the Californian-based multi-national’s latest communications tools designed to improve the communication and collaboration capabilities of a wide number of different business types.

As one of the world’s leading telco developers with an annual revenue of around $49.24billion (2016), there’s much to be expected from Cisco – but how much does the 7861 live up to these expectations?

In order to find out, we have decided to write an in-depth review on what this phone has to offer, what benefits it can bring to businesses and what businesses can benefit most from investing in it.

How does it look?

Cisco IP Phone 7861 body

Features high-resolution, graphical, grayscale display.

Elegantly designed featuring sixteen separate line and programmable keys and a high-resolution, graphical, grayscale display, the 7861 would fit in on any desktop and succeeds in speeding up call flow and maximising the productivity of any user.

What can it do?

Alongside the sixteen-separate line and programmable keys, the 7861 also features dedicated fixed keys for even more efficiency, while the built-in speakerphone enables hands-free communications for added mobility and flexibility during every call.

Using wideband audio, all conversations are transmitted with absolute clarity whether it be through the handset, (optional) headset or speakerphone to ensure no important information is missed or crucially important figures are misheard.

With multiple deployment options, the 7861 will run in both on-premises PBX or cloud PBX environments and is therefore an extremely flexible solution that will support existing investments as well as future investments for any businesses undergoing DX.

Power over Ethernet functionality also means that the 7861 will run directly from the Ethernet cable without the need for costly surplus line installations and as a result will also cut down heavily on a business’s energy costs.

What did we like most about it?

As with all Cisco products, the sound quality on the 7861 was impeccable and we feel that the phone delivers a first-class communicative experience by adding clarity and precision to every call.

Who is it for?

As a truly cost-effective solution that is both flexible in deployment and diverse in features, we feel that just about any business could benefit from this phone and it’s a great investment for any business currently making its digital transformation.

Where can I get more information?

For more information on the Cisco endpoints range, take a look at the Collaboration Endpoints page.

UC Today Opinion

Alongside the abundance of cutting-edge call-features, impeccable sound quality and PoE functionality, the flexible deployment options of the 7861 are an ideal solution for businesses in need of a phone that will bridge the gap between on-premises PBX and cloud PBX, providing them with ongoing support as they travel along their path to digitalisation.

Have you had any experiences with the 7861 IP Phone that you wish to share? Do you think it successfully enhances the capabilities of agents during calls? Do you feel it lives up to Cisco’s world-class reputation? If you have any thoughts you wish to share, please feel free to submit them to our comments & review section below.

3.7 out of 5

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