Cisco IP Phone Reviews 2019 – Leading Enterprise Endpoints

5 of Cisco’s finest endpoints

Cisco IP Phone Reviews 2019 – Leading Enterprise Endpoints

Founded in 1984, Cisco is an American multinational technology company that that manufactures a wide range of telecommunications equipment designed to help improve collaboration, efficiency and staff performance in a wide variety of businesses across the globe.

As one of the world’s leading developers of IP-based Telco products, we decided to include Cisco in our IP Endpoint Series and do a review of the top 5 endpoint solutions they had to offer, covering everything from top-of-the-line conference calling solutions for both smaller and larger businesses, along with IP Phones, Expansion packs and Analogue Converters.

Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832 UCTThe Cisco 7832 IP Conference Phone is a sleekly designed, contemporary conferencing phone built to provide wideband VoIP support for small meeting rooms. Featuring a 3.4inch backlit monochrome display and, HD sound and microphone coverage of distances up to 172 square feet, it is the ideal solution for SMEs looking to improve the quality of their conferencing environment.

Cisco 8832 Featured UCTThe Cisco 8832 IP Conference Phone is a luxurious, beautifully constructed conferencing phone build predominantly for medium-to-large-sized businesses. Featuring a 3.9inch backlit 480×128 colour display, wideband VoIP communications and daisychaining capabilities the provide added scalability and support for businesses as they go through periods of growth.

Cisco IP Phone 7861 Review UCT

The Cisco 7861 IP Phone features a high-resolution, graphical, grayscale display, a built-in speakerphones and wideband audio for exceptional clarity throughout every call. With its flexible deployment options, the phone is suitable for both on-premises PBX and cloud PBX environments and is perfect for any business looking to engage in DX without damaging their existing investments.

Cisco 8865 IP UCT ReviewThe Cisco 8865 IP Phone is the perfect way to add more call control capabilities to the 8865 phone and help users become more productive and efficient with their calls. With 14 added keys, presence status capabilities and two graphical backlit hi-resolution colour displays, the 8865 Key Expansion Module helps users achieve so much more.

Cisco ATA190 UCT ReviewThe Cisco ATA190 Analogue Telephone Adapter is an ideal solution for any businesses wanting to reap the benefits from VoIP calling but already has huge investments in non-compatible analogue telephones. With this tool, converting an analogue phone into a VoIP ready one is as simple as plugging it in.

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For more information on the Cisco endpoints range, take a look at the Collaboration Endpoints page.

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