Invest in Affordable Tech with the Snom D120 IP Phone

SNOM introduces an entry-level IP phone

Invest in Affordable Tech with the Snom D120 IP Phone

Leaders in the world of enterprise-level VoIP phones, Snom has been a pioneer on the cutting edge of IP telephony since 1997. The brand is determined to ensure that their product portfolio suits the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes – a goal demonstrated by their recent introduction of the D1XX product line.

The new selection of IP Phones, including the D120, builds upon the already significant Snom portfolio. The first three phones were launched in January of this year, following the excitement of the high-end D785 executive SIP phone. According to the brand, the D120 is an option created for their more price-conscious customers who want a reliable, and high-quality system with basic telephony functionalities.

What to Expect from the D120 Phone?

As you might expect from a cost-effective telephony system, the D120 doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of more innovative flagship products, but it does have all the solutions that many companies need to keep their telecommunication systems running smoothly. The phone has been designed specifically for ease-of-use and stability.

Snom’s D120 comes with a back-lit display that’s unique for the price segment, as this is something that the company considered to be important for productivity in large area deployments throughout the hotel and healthcare verticals.

Interestingly, the D120 is also a “HAC” or hearing-aid compatible phone, which comes with specially-designed firmware. It has minimal power consumption needs, and it can be used with Power over Ethernet. What’s more, the D120 is compatible with Snom’s redirection service too!

A More Cost-Effective Solution for Brands

The CEO for Snom, Gernot Sagl announced that the D120 phone is the first of the D1XX line, which is a series specifically intended to offer reliability and efficiency for a minimal price point. The portfolio will ensure that companies with large deployment requirements have the option to select competitively-priced phones for their organisation. While the phones are cheaper than their flagship counterparts, they still offer the exceptional design features and solutions that are unique to Snom.

Sagl noted that during 2017, Snom had been focusing on taking their brand to the next level, and now that 2018 has finally arrived, they’re hoping to continue expanding their product portfolio as rapidly as they can with cost-effective, and high-quality additions. Snom will continue to work on giving their customers the great services and products they need, for a price they can afford.

The D120 is available at a price of £64, and it’s a leader in its class, perfect for helping Snom to take their next step into the marketplace. As the company continues to grow more ambitious, we’re sure to see even more incredible updates in their portfolio.

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