Snom D375 ­Review – a business phone for the next generation?

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Snom D375 ­Review – a business phone for the next generation?

Founded in 1996, Snom is a German based company that specialises in creating VoIP based SIP telephones for small to medium sized businesses and attests that it’s latest release, the Snom D375, is a next generation business phone designed to meet the wants and needs of whole new wave of up and coming businesses looking to get ahead in the market.

Unlike telecom industry giants such as Mitel and Avaya, Snom mainly targets a very specific demographic and this review will explore whether or not we feel this product is suitable for SMEs by weighing up the pros and cons of the product the functionality and the overall cost versus. potential ROI.

Before we continue, however, we must stress that we are not selling this product, we are simply giving our professional opinion on how useful the product may or may not be to your business and we encourage you to do the same by contributing to our comments and review section located at the bottom of this page.

What is the Snom D375?

Although the phone does offer a high-resolution 4.3-inch colour LCD display, it’s no where near as lavish or pricey as some of the similar models released by Mitel or Avaya and obviously wasn’t built to sit on the desk of a big spending corporate executive who just drove into work in a Bentley. No, this is a phone built for people who are aspiring to drive to work in a Bentley 10 years down the line.

However, in terms of functionality it’s hard to fault this phone. On the 4.3inch screen users can easy access an extended presentation of call lists, address books and menus and there are also 12 freely programmable dual-color function keys that can be configured for a variety of comfort functions to suit the needs and boost the efficiency of the user.


What can it do? (The Basics)

By including standard features such as speed dial, extension and presence indication on the nifty and easily navigable LCD display, the D375 ensures users are able to quickly access important information before, during or after a call with minimal hassle. If you’re working in a growing company where time is money, shaving off those extra couple of minutes spent searching for a number could make a huge difference further down the line.

What else can it do? (The Rest)

Along with the standard features, the D375 also features two Gigabit Ethernet ports to connect networking devices together and offers a high speed USB port and a built in Bluetooth sensor to enable both wired and wireless connections to accessories such as headsets and WiFi sticks.

As well as this, businesses looking for a high return on their investment by purchasing a product that is built to stand the test of time will be pleased to hear that the D375’s non-wearing sensor hook switch ensures a long product life even when the phone is used extensively and over long periods of time…a true testament to the reliability and efficiency of German engineering.

What do we like most about it?

Perhaps what we find most appealing about this phone is its honesty. It isn’t trying to be something that it’s not and is built to serve a specific purpose – and it does it well. We love the fact that users are able to personalise the function keys to suit their needs and feel that the LCD Display is, though not as impressive as the more luxurious models we’ve reviewed in the past, more than acceptable for the price.

Also, it’s nice to see that companies such as Snom are dedicating so much effort into creating a product that is built to last and not just be replaced by a newer model after a few years. It shows that this brand really knows its clients and delivers a product that is reliable and adequately suits the needs of growing businesses.

What don’t we like about

Aside from the clunky aesthetics (though this could just be a case of personal taste), we feel there really isn’t much we can say negatively about this phone and feel that in terms of price point and style the D375 hits the middle ground well.

How about compatibility?

According to our sources the phone is fully compatible with the 3CX phone system platform and various other SIP based systems, making this quite a versatile choice for any business owners and staff interested in purchasing these phones for their company.

Where can you buy this phone and how much is it?

Retailing at (we feel) a more than reasonable price of around £185.00/$234.00 per handset, the Snom D375 can be picked up online from various different sources. We suggest doing a quick search on Google for the most cost effective providers but pay close attention to shipping fees as these can sometimes catch you off guard.

So what do we think?

As we’ve already mentioned previously, though this device is far from what you’d expect to see on the desk of someone like Alan sugar, if you’re looking for a reliable, long lasting and comfortable desktop phone that offers a number of time saving and productivity enhancing features for relatively little capital investment, the D375 is ideal for you.

And what about you?

Though we’ve given you our opinion on the Snom D375, we would like to hear if anybody out there has had any different experiences with this device and whether or not you agree or disagree with any of the points made in this review.

Your comments are very important to us and to all the potential buyers who come to this site looking for advice on which phone is going to help them the most. So, if you feel like you have something of value to contribute to our comments section below, please do so and we shall be happy to respond to any queries you have.

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AvatarPeter Schulz 10:06, 21 Jun 2017

Not worth the money – we had 3 major problems with this phone, upgrading to the latest firmware twice did not help – call log puts almost every call twice, incoming calls are suddenly showing the same name whoever calls, and now it cannot be called any longer, we can only call out.
An old 320 was put as replacement, and while it isn’t nice, it works totally fine as drop-in replacement. So the D375 seems just fancy but not as reliable …

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