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Snom D785 IP Phone Review

UC Today puts Snom's latest deskphone to the test

Snom D785 IP Phone Review

Endpoint vendor, Snom, have this year announced the highly anticipated release of the D785 – the latest model in their line of next-generation desktop VoIP phones.

Featuring superior audio quality, multiple innovative call features and a stunning new design, the D785 certainly has the potential to drastically improve the communications experience for its business users – but does it really deliver?

To find out, we’ve decided to do a review on the product and test how well it lives up to Snom’s reputation as one of the world’s leading producers of high quality business phones.

How does it look?

Snom D785

Snom D785

With its sleek, elegant design and impressive, high-resolution 4.3” TFT-colour display, the D785 would certainly improve the aesthetics of any desktop and oozes both class and professionalism. However, as well as just looking good, the 6 configurable, paperless self-labelling multicolour LED keys and highly convenient second screen added to improve contact management clearly demonstrate how this phone is built for high functionality, too.

What can it do?

Featuring a fully integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP), the D785 offers outstanding audio quality that fully harnesses Snom’s two decades worth of experience in audio research and audio engineering to deliver crystal clear sound on every application.

With support for up to 12 SIP identities/accounts, and XML browser, call lists for dialled/received/missed calls, a local directory with up to 1,000 entries and compatibility with all major IP PBX platforms, the D785 is multi-functional and would be a key communications asset in any office space.

As well as making the phone much more intuitive for the user, the second integrated display means that numerous applications can be quickly accessed at the tap of a finger, making their lives much easier and ensuring they can deliver the kind of fast service that will drastically improve CX.

Moreover, with the inclusion of up to 24 one-touch keys at hand, users are able to manage group calls and utilise both speed dial and function keys with minimal effort, while an abundance of call features including URL dialling, Local dial plan, Automatic Redial on Busy, Caller ID, Call Blocking, Call Forwarding and many more makes this Snom’s most advanced deskphone to date.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities also make the D785 a highly energy efficient handset and its support for both Bluetooth and USB connections means that headsets and other accessories can be easily added to help support user mobility and ensure maximum comfort is maintained during every call.

Always ready to support collaboration in the workplace, Snom also included a 3-way conferencing feature on the D785 and its multicast paging feature means that users can quickly send pages to large groups of phones directly without involving the PBX.

Tech Specs

Firmware: 12 SIP identities/accounts; Call lists for dialled received and missed calls; Local directory with 1000 entries; Multiple language support; DTMF in-band / out-of-band and SIP-INFO; Interoperable with all major IP PBX platforms

Protocols: SIP (RFC3261); DHCP, NTP; HTTP / HTTPS / TFTP; LDAP; Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6

Codecs: G.711 A-law, µ-law; G.722 (wideband); G.726, G.729AB, GSM 6.10 (FR)

Hardware Features: · Dimensions 230 x 205 x 90 mm w/o foot stand, 190 x 205 x 200/220; with foot stand; weight (approx.): device 750 g with foot stand 140g without; Input voltage: 5Vdc (SELV); Power supply: PoE or 5Vdc power adapter, 10 Watts; Handset: 4P4C; Headset: 4P4C; 4pin for Snom EHS Advanced

What did we like most?

If the sheer attractiveness alone wasn’t enough, we’d have to say that the addition of a second integrated display was highly valuable for its ability to increase user productivity and keep calls running smoothly throughout for the benefit of both the business and the customer experience.

Who is it for?

We found the Snom D785 to be a highly diverse desktop phone that would be an ideal choice for end level users right through to mid-level, and possibly even higher up depending on the needs of the user.

Where can I get more information?

For more information on the SNOM desktop phone range, take a look at the SNOM homepage.

UC Today Opinion

True to form, Snom have delivered an impeccable handset that goes above and beyond any desktop phone they have released to date and is a clear indication of how much time and effort the brand will go to create the best IP phones in the market.

Do you have any experiences with the Snom D785 that you wish to share with others? How do you feel it compares with other desktop phones available on the market? If there are any opinions you’d like to add or questions you wish to ask, please submit your thoughts to the comments & review section below.

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