Snom Launch 10+2 Flagship IP Phone Offer

It's the Perfect Time to Be a Snom Partner

Snom Launch 10+2 Flagship IP Phone Offer

As one of the first phone manufacturers capable of offering IP phones, Snom has a robust reputation within the communications space. The organisation has sold millions of devices worldwide over two decades within the sector, and today, it’s offering even more value to its customers with a brand-new promotion.

We spoke to CEO Gernot Sagl about Snom’s flagship desk phone product, the DS85 IP phone, and why now is the ideal time for partners to sign up as part of the Snom Network.

How Does the Snom D785 IP Phone Promotion Work?

Snom’s promotion on the flagship D785 IP phone is set to run until the end of 2018. We asked Sagl how the promotion works.

“This is one of the biggest promotions we’ve ever run at Snom. Essentially, we’re giving away two free D785 IP phones for every ten purchased, which equals a 20% discount.”

The idea is that the promotion will allow everyone to get more out of their investments into Snom products and discover for themselves why the company has earned significant commendation as a specialist in the IP field. Running until the last day of December, the deal could be an ideal office Christmas present for Snom partners and specialist dealers.

Who Gets the Discount and What are the Features?

The 20% discount now available from Snom is available for specialist dealers and people in the company’s partnership program. Registered partners will also receive an after-sales bonus too.
The phone on offer, the D785 IP phone, is Snom’s flagship desk phone, featuring an elegant design, innovative technology and easy-to-use interface with a large high-res colour display. The phone also comes with a useful second display which allows users to set up as many as 24 one-touch keys for all their information.

Snom brings their full 20 years of audio engineering into the creation of the flagship D785 phone, which provides the best possible sound quality, reducing the risk of customers being frustrated by inaudible lines and crackling reception. Other features include integrated Bluetooth.

Why Should a Reseller Become a Partner?

According to Gernot, Snom resellers can access a lot of fantastic benefits, including refunds according to their status as a Gold or Silver partner whenever an IP phone is purchased. You get this refund when you submit your distributor invoice. There’s also extensive project support and marketing help available to partners with Snom.

“Projects often present complex technical challenges. Communication needs to be reliable across outdoor areas, office buildings, production halls, and everything else. This is where our tech experts can come in and help with planning and implementation. We give our partners advice on selecting the right model and help with any technical questions they might have.”

What Does the Future Look Like for Snom IP Phones?

Snom believes that its immersive IP telephony solutions can help businesses from all sectors achieve their communication goals. In the coming months, Snom plans on introducing numerous new products into the market.

“A highlight we’re particularly looking forward to unveiling is our new series of stunning white phones for highly design-conscious environments and offices. These phones will be available in models D785, D7, D735, and D715. It will be a complete range from entry-level to high-end phones for any business.”


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