Snom M325 SIP DECT Phone Review

Combined base station and DECT handset bundle

Snom M325 SIP DECT Phone Review

Founded in 1996, Snom is a German based company that specialises in creating a wide variety of high quality VoIP-based SIP telephones for small to medium sized businesses.

Unlike telecom industry giants such as Mitel and Avaya, Snom mainly targets a very specific demographic and this review will explore whether or not we feel this product is suitable for SMEs by weighing up the pros and cons of the product, the functionality and the overall cost versus potential ROI.

Before we continue, however, we must stress that we are not selling this product, we are simply giving our professional opinion on how useful the product may or may not be to your business and we encourage you to do the same by contributing to our comments and review section located at the bottom of this page.

How would the Snom M325 DECT Bundle look on your desk?

When purchasing the DECT package, users will receive a M300 base station and M25 handset, both of which are incredibly slick and stylish in design with a glossy black finish that really stands out and can really liven up an average looking desktop. Oozing elegance and class, these wonderful handsets really look the part and give the office space that look of professionalism that clients are more than willing to put their trust in.

What can it do?

As a uniquely powerful and expansive mobile telephony solution that Supports Up to 20 SIP accounts and Allows up to 20 Additional Snom DECT Handsets to be installed at once, the Snom M325 is an ideal solution for any small office environment that is looking for a phone system that promises to support growth. With this feature, small companies can start of small then simply buy additional handsets as the company grows without having to purchase an entirely new set of phones. As well as drastically reducing the costs of purchasing new hardware, this phone also gives businesses the freedom to grow or reduce in number as they see fit.

Moreover, with an Outdoor Range of approximately 300m and an Indoor Range of Almost 50m, the Snom M325 gives users a great deal of freedom to move around the office, factory floor or hospital ward without being restricted by the length of a cable cord alone. As well as this, because the handsets fit inside a pocket and can be taken anywhere within a certain radius, users are more readily available to take calls thus improving customer satisfaction and staff productivity.

Thanks to an Easy Installation process, the Snom M325 also successfully minimises costly installation fees and is easy to maintain for very little ongoing cost. For small companies on a budget, this solution is ideal and is just one of the many reasons why this brand is perfect for young, up and coming businesses looking to get their foot on the ladder.

By allowing Up to 5 Parallel Calls per phone, the Snom M325 is a great for users that have to handle a lot of incoming calls simultaneously and allows them to easily switch between conversations over the phone without having to put people on hold for lengthy periods. As call hold queues were recently voted one of the most frustrating things for a first-world human must endure on a semi-regular basis, anything that reduces this annoyance must be good.

Finally, for those who are conscious about energy costs and want a phone that will last for longer periods of time whilst off the charger, the 75 Hours Standby and 7 Hours Talktime available on the Snom M325 will be very appealing and can help reduce the carbon footprint of businesses whilst simultaneously boosting their profit margins as well.

What do we like most about it?

As a phone built specifically for SMEs, we love how much effort has been put into the design of the Snom M325 and feel that each of its features offer numerous benefits from start up companies looking to find a communication solution that meets their needs. However, if we had to pick just one feature above all others, we really like the fact that growing businesses can easily increase the number of users that can access their phone system by simply purchasing a new handset rather than an entirely new phone. As well as being cost effective and efficient, this solution also offers the support small businesses need to gain that edge over their competitors and build a good foundation for the years to follow.

Where can you buy this phone and how much is it?

After a quick Google Search, we can see that the Snom M325 is currently retailing for approximately £140.99/$170.99, which we believe is a fantastic price for all the benefits it can bring to small businesses.

So what do we think?

For SMEs looking for an affordable and reliable mobile solution that increases staff efficiency and availability, improves customer satisfaction and client retention and promises to continuously support small companies through periods of growth as their business develops, then the Snom M325 is an ideal choice.

And what about you?

Though we’ve given you our opinion on this phone, what we really want to hear about is what you have to say. Good or bad, if you’ve had any experiences with this product that you would like to share with us, please feel free to submit your rating comment in the section below and it will go towards the overall user rating.

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